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NOTE: As of June 10, 2022, all visitor restrictions have been lifted. 

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OB/GYN and Urogynecology
Specialty Care Center

The most advanced, personalized healthcare available.
Conveniently located in Maplewood, Woodbury, Hudson, and Apple Valley.

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Incontinence, Chronic Pelvic Pain, & Pelvic Floor Disorders

We approach urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders on an individual basis - determining what will work best for each woman and her specific needs. Our treatment options include everything from physical therapy to Urogynecology.

Incontinence, Pelvic Floor Disorders, & Pelvic Pain

Pampered Pregnancy Care: Our Approach

Our maternity care is the most thorough, personalized care available. Each expectant mom is treated individually - for the most personal, memorable experience. Both midwife and physician attended births are offered. Meet our OB team and discover what makes us different.

Pregnancy Care

Complex Gynecologic Treatment & Surgery

For women suffering from complex gynecologic issues - such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and abnormal bleeding - we offer the most complete, respectful gynecologic care available. We always use the least invasive treatment that will be effective.

Complex Gynecologic Treatment

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

The symptoms of hormone imbalance are familiar to many women over 40 ... moodiness, weight gain, lack of sex drive, trouble sleeping, low energy and more. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy helps women feel like themselves again.

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Primary Care Just for Women: Focused Family Medicine for Women

Our Family Medicine physicians provide women and their families with thoughtful, personalized care throughout all of life's stages. Get the individualized care you want with this exceptional team. This is care for women by women.

Family Medicine for Women

Functional Medicine for Women (WomanWell)

With Functional Medicine, we identify the often complicated underlying factors that contribute to health issues and illness. The clear goal of our treatment plan is to address the right cause (the root) providing a lasting benefit beyond symptom suppression.

Learn more

Vaginal Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Gynecology

We specialize in a full range of rejuvenation solutions. We have the right experience with labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, ThermiVa, FemiLift, Geneveve by Viveve, and more. Find out exactly what's available and what can be done to correct women's intimate issues.

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Rejuvenation at Minnesota Women's Care

Our Spa is better than ever! Our new name signals a new era for our patients. The Rejuvenation Spa provides the most effective treatments and procedures available. Visit our new website for details.

Visit Rejuvenation

See WomanWoRX on Twin Cities Live!


Discover Functional and Integrative Medicine. Discover Complete Wellness.

Many women suffer for years with conditions that are never really diagnosed. Various symptoms may get treated with medication or a pat on the arm – but it never really resolves the actual problem. If you're one of these people, Functional Medicine may offer the right solution for you.

The Functional Medicine Approach

Imagine a path to wellness that addresses the root cause of your condition or concern, and attends to the whole you - body, mind, and spirit. That's WomanWell. That's Functional and Integrative Medicine.

Your journey begins with an in-depth appointment with a Functional Medicine Physician or Nurse Practitioner. Your personalized care can include the Integrative Therapies of your choice. With WomanWell and Minnesota Women's Care, you can start on the journey to complete wellness.


New! Discover PamperSuite!

Minnesota Women's Care now has the first medspa in Minnesota just for moms-to-be. Enjoy safe and soothing spa treatments all through pregnancy. Get your glow with a refreshing facial. Relax with a prenatal massage. Or come and take a nap when your energy takes a dive. This is the place for you.


wwrx base graphic-v2 banner.jpg

WomanWoRX is OPEN! We're changing lives. Discover WomanWoRX for yourself.

WomanWoRX is fitness with purpose. We help women at every age to live fit, active lives: build core strength and flexibility; strengthen your pelvic floor; prepare for and recover from childbirth; and resolve pelvic floor issues with non-surgical solutions. With a foundation of women’s health, physical therapy, chiropractic, and exercise science, we’re here to help you live your best life.


Rejuvenation by Minnesota Women's Care

About Rejuvenation: The Spa at Minnesota Women's Care

At Minnesota Women's Care, our healthcare always begins by listening. One thing we hear again and again from women is that they'd like to feel and look better. Perhaps you're missing the glowing skin of youth or you're struggling with body issues that make you feel less than confident in a swimsuit. Whatever the case, we're here to listen and to offer the right treatments for you – the ones that will help you feel like you can conquer the world.

Our Approach: Great Aestheticians and the Most Effective Treatments

With our foundation in healthcare, we use everything we know about delivering high quality medical care and apply that knowledge to your spa experience. We use the most effective treatments we can find – those that deliver on their promises while offering the least amount of pain, discomfort, and downtime. Our team has gone through a rigorous training process. And our facility uses the cleanliness standards of a first-rate medical facility.


What our patients say:

  • Erin Epperly is my saving grace! I first saw Erin when I was barely able to move due to a sore back/pelvic in my first pregnancy. Not only was she able to relieve my pain but she has also been a great source for all of my first time momma questions and concerns. I absolutely love my appointments with Erin. I am always more comfortable and I always walk away with more information and pointers to continue care outside of her office. I feel very comfortable with Erin and feel that I can tell her anything that is on my mind, even if I'm crazy. Love her - would HIGHLY recommend her to everyone I know!
    – D.K. - Patient
  • Very nice atmosphere, people are wonderful. All questions answered and they take their time with you.
    – P.C. - Patient
  • Dr. Kelly is one of the best ob/gyns I have ever worked with! Her knowledge is amazing and her personality is even better! Dr. Kelly gives great suggestions for dealing with any questions or concerns that I have, and she knows the latest medical treatments. I trusted her completely with my prenatal care and the delivery of my twins 7 years ago. Now I continue to see her yearly because she is so personable and takes great care of me.
    – Anon - Patient
  • Dr. Kelly is our "all in the family" physician and my daughters and I have been her patients for many years. Both in my own care and during the deliveries of my grandchildren, she has been encouraging, supportive, and exceptionally skilled. I continue to have the highest level of confidence in her care.
    – C.H. - Patient
  • I absolutely love all of the staff. So friendly welcoming and caring. They all Take your worries away. I would recommend any and all staff to everyone I know.
    – C.M. - Patient
  • Dr. Mahan always has time to listen. There are many things I appreciate about Dr. Mahan but one that is very important to me is that I never feel rushed thru my appointments. She always takes her time to listen and is always present.
    – E.W. - Patient
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Ashford for over 10 years now. Even after all these years and all of the growing that MWC has done in that time.. He remains kind professional and patient with my health and concerns. And I have never met anyone on his staff that has been anything other than great!!
    – J.M. - Patient
  • I had an awesome experience with Rachel Snell. I was in for my annual visit. I had many concerns concerning previous abnormal paps, birth control options and thyroid symptoms. Rachel was prompt, open to discuss options and informed me about benefits and risks of those options. She made me feel comfortable and has excellent bedside manner.
    – Anon - Patient
  • My experience with Dr. Ashford and MWC has been excellent. Dr. Ashford always listens to what I have to say and I always feel that he is carefully considering what is best for me with my unique set of symptoms. I have every confidence in him. In addition, his staff is always responsive to my needs and questions.
    – B.C. - Patient
  • I always feel welcome taken care of and valued at Minnesota Women's Care! 10/10
    – A. A. - Patient
  • Very wonderful caring staff. They answer questions and run tests very promptly. They're very thorough with exams. A great place for yearly-checkups pregnancy and more.Very clean and updated building as well.
    – A.M. - Patient
  • I love coming here. As soon as I walk in there is always a warm welcome and I am greeted by first name. The environment is very friendly and family oriented. The best treatment I have received in years.
    – J.S. - Minnesota
  • Dr. Ashford is very polite, respectful, caring and knowledgeable.
    – P.M. - Minnesota
  • Dr Ashford is the best surgeon in the state of Minnesota dealing with Womens pelvic issues. He uses state of the art methods and gives you very individual care. He really listens to you. His staff from the moment you walk into his clinic treat you with the best service possible and always make you comfortable. I love going to this clinic!
    – M.R. - Patient
  • Dr. Amy Kelly is absolutely amazing! The Woodbury location is lovely and the staff were so kind.
    – V.P. - Patient
  • Sharing new symptoms that I didn't think would be related, resulted in finding an issue that we had not previously found. Tying that into all the other things I've had going on and we have a new direction to look for answers and relief. Time and time again, I feel that I'm getting more answers and relief than I ever have with any other clinic. Dr Ashford and his team are all so helpful and I feel like they truly care about resolving my problems. I've never felt so passionate about the help I've gotten from a clinic. Life changing is an understatement with regards to the help I've received.
    – J.H. - Patient
  • The answers many of us look for are here. What a wonderful clinic. Great staff. Great experience. Would highly recommend.
    – J.R. - Minnesota
  • MN Women's Care had been recommended to me by a friend for health issues that I had been struggling to find an answer to for over a year. I was able to be seen quickly even as a new patient. The Doctor is fantastic. She listened to me and together we can up with a plan to manage my individual health care needs. The administrative staff and nurses are amazing and efficient. Easy to interact with either on the phone or in person. I am so thankful to MnWC for helping me feel like me again!!
    – K.E. - Patient
  • Doctor Ashford and his staff gave me my life back and I would recommend them to anyone dealing with OBGYN needs. He worked with me for many months and really listened to and understood me, he also personally preformed surgery on me in April and found the right medication for my endometriosis. A million thank you's to EVERYONE at the clinic, from the people answering the phones, all the way to the nurses and Doctors Ashford, may God bless you all.
    – M.A. - Patient
  • Ilana is the Best! I am in such good hands in Ilana's care. She listens, takes my concerns seriously, is willing to adapt to my needs, and works to find the very best treatment tailored to me. More than that, she is kind, patient, and fun.
    – Anon - Patient
  • I was so fortunate to stumble upon MN Women's Care. They immediately found the problem to my illness when many Doctors couldn't. It's like they knew exactly what to do immediately.Then I had the great fortune to meet Ilana Farb on my next appointment. She suggested kindly some blood tests because I mentioned I was looking for more assistance. The tests were done and I had an amazing consultation with her. She listened to my concerns and prescribed me a couple of things that literally has changed my quality of life. I feel like myself again!!! Kind compassionate and professional. Thank you so much for the excellent care!
    – J.B. - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford is a brilliant and kind physician. It's worth the wait to see him. After some years of pelvic pain, he put me on a path of therapy and treatment that has ultimately totally alleviated it completely. His expertise is invaluable and I hope more doctors can be influenced by his advanced and wholistic approach to women's care.
    – C.K. - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford is an excellent surgeon. He was able to help me when others doctors could not.
    – N.P. - Patient
  • I'm so thankful I made the switch to Dr. Ashford - a doctor who listens and takes action.
    – S.S.J. - Minnesota
  • Worth driving from Golden Valley to see! I initially brought my teenage daughter to see CNP Farb on a referral and have continued to come see her because of her exceptional professionalism, knowledge, skill, and kindness. She is attentive not only to my daughter's medical needs and privacy, but also to my concerns as a mother. She is an asset to this clinic and we will continue to come here as long as she is here.
    – Q.N. - Patient
  • I love having SottoPelle done. It is awesome. Life changing. More energy, less depressed. I recommend this to everyone.
    – E.L. - Minnesota
  • Dr. Ashford was very thorough and listened to my concerns. He explained all my options and made me feel comfortable. He asked if I had any questions and took the time to answer them.
    – A.D. - Patient
  • I am so lucky to have found this clinic. I wanted a gynecologist that was knowledgeable in bioidentical hormone treatments, almost impossible to find in the twin cities. With Dr. Ashford, I discovered Sottopelle, and it changed my life. I sing the praises of this therapy to every woman I know! He left no question unanswered for me. Sottopelle brought me into the clinic, but now I come here for all of my healthcare needs. Thank you so very much.
    – C.M. - Patient
  • Very impressed with the level of knowledge and care. I have been going to other doctors for years and it wasn't until Minnesota Women's Clinic that I finally found answers.
    – T.N. - Patient
  • I loved my experience at Minnesota Women's Care in Woodbury! I would highly recommend this place. They treated me so well from beginning to end. They made me feel like they truly cared. I will be back!
    – K.S. - Patient
  • The only place I will ever go for my pregnancies! Love MNWC!
    – D.C. - St. Paul
  • I have received the best care I have ever had!
    – Angelica - Minnesota
  • I was hit with a few major diagnoses at once and didn't realize how much it could effect women's health overall. There were times where I had honestly given up on the possibility of being without pain until Dr. Ashford had instilled in me that women don't have to just exist with it.

    Dr. Ashford is the most honest and thoughtful provider I've ever worked with. He explains decision making with clarity and ease without making you feel overwhelmed or small. I'm someone with a boat load of anxiety and Dr. Ashford and the team here at MNWC are truly sensitive to my needs and want to see their patients reach their wellness goals. I'm beyond thankful and wish I could begin to describe the kind of gratitude that comes with that but for now I'd just say thank you so much!
    – Anon - Patient
  • Illana Farb is superb, as is MNWC. Illana is very wise & calm. She listens well, assesses one's needs carefully, and is expert in her care. She's a caring person, listens well, and meets your needs with precision and expertise. She's seems to be flawless in the care she gives. Also? She really does care!
    – J.H. - Patient
  • The best! I have had nothing but good experiences at this clinic. I am so thankful to have found this place.
    – Anon - Patient
  • Wonderful experience at MN Women's Care! The providers are down-to-earth and experts in their field. They create a feeling of being partners with you in your health.
    – B.B. - Patient
  • I will literally refer every woman I know to this clinic. From first finding out I was pregnant to my delivery at the hospital & now even in post-partum care we have had nothing but an amazing experience. Audrey Kopp is an INCREDIBLE midwife & always made us feel heard supported & valued during our appointments. The entire staff is kind welcoming & incredibly knowledgeable. We are forever grateful!
    – J.V. - Patient
  • Where do I begin with expressing my love for this clinic and its staff? My care here started with Dr. Erin, the chiropractor for MN Women's Care. She has never made me feel like another patient. [...] After several visits with Erin, she directed me to see Ilana for some issues I was having. Ilana has been my rock throughout this pregnancy and I refer her to anyone I know who has hormone, fertility, any GYN concerns and for OB care. I don't think there are enough words to express my gratitude I have for Ilana, she's truly incredible.
    – A.S. - Patient
  • They are professional, knowledgable and caring. They put me at ease, and gave me a lot of time to explain things and answer questions.
    – S.T. - Patient
  • My experience with Dr. Ashford has been absolutely amazing. I've seen many physician's for my problem and this is the first time I feel that someone has listened and offered options/solutions versus being dismissive. I feel like I'm finely on the right path. I would highly recommend Dr. Ashford!
    – Anon - Patient
  • Everyone is kind and makes you feel the most comfortable while your there!
    – H.H. - Patient
  • Wonderful providers and a great environment. I felt like my concerns were their concerns. I will be going back :)
    – M.C. - Patient
  • Wonderful experience! Highly recommend Dr. Ashford! Love coming to see Dr. Ashford and his nurses. They go above and beyond with their patients. I always leave with a smile on my face.
    – Anon - Patient
  • Every person I encountered was caring, thorough, and professional!
    – A.J. - Patient
  • Love this clinic! This is the first clinic where i feel heard. I can tell them i don't feel sick but i just don't feel great and i don't feel like myself and they get it! They listen and understand the female body and all the hormonal challenges etc.
    – Anon - Patient
  • So much to say about this guy, but a huge thank you to him is needed! He is wonderful! After being in pain for over a year and assuming it was b/c of having children and getting older - he put me through some tests and found all of my issues. Now I am feeling great and loving life again! Besides Dr. Kelly - He is the BEST! I have recommended him to many of my girlfriends who are having issues and so excited for their appts with him. Thank you Dr. Ashford!
    – R.K. - Patient
  • Very friendly staff. Helpful. Knowledgeable. They made me feel right at home. Glad I chose to come here. Will be back! They didn't rush me at all either.
    – K.O. - Patient
  • Today was my 34 week OB appointment with Heather. Heather is such a comfort to me and addresses my concerns confidently and thoughtfully. I've had so many great experiences with Heather, including the care of my first pregnancy and delivery of my daughter. Trusting Heather with my care has been easy and even fun!
    – L.G. - Patient
  • I was heard by MN Women’s Care when no one else would listen.
    – J.M. - Patient
  • Excellent Care! Rachel Snell is very kind, thorough and professional in all her medical care at Minnesota Women's Care. I know I can always ask any question and get an informed and honest answer. Always the best!
    – Anon - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford and staff are absolutely top-notch. He treated several conditions I had with excellent results and corrected some mistakes other physicians had made. I didn't have to to go Mayo although I had thought about it. I found exactly what I needed at MN Women's Care. No matter what your condition, don't hesitate. Make the call for an appointment. You won't be disappointed.

    Being an older woman like me doesn't mean we have to go through life ashamed, hopeless, or even ignorant about our own bodies. Dr. Ashford and staff treat women who have lots of different issues. They restore hope, dignity and make life full of possibilities again for things you may have thought were hopeless. I am so happy I go there for treatment.
    – J.C. - Patient
  • We had just recently moved back to Minnesota in May of 2018, because we were expecting our second little boy and our realator is actually the one who recommended MWC to me. Our first birth was a little traumatic for our family and he ended up in a c-section. So, when I got to MWC and initially met with Rachel Gates (CNM), there was a lot of reassurance, encouragement and support through that appointment. Being a type 1 diabetic, I wasn't sure that they would want to take on a high risk pregnancy, but instead they were more than supportive and ready for the road ahead.

    [...] The whole staff at MWC is so nice, they get to know you and treat you and your family with such respect and kindness. If you have any need, I would recommend MWC as your place to go. MWC is the only place I will be going to during future pregnancies.
    – P.R. - Patient
  • There is something so different about midwifery care that I was drawn to right away with all three of these women -- Sara Brown, Robyn Cox, and Elizabeth Radford. Right away I felt heard, cared for and in very skilled hands with them. Having midwives who considered my unique birth history and were committed to supporting my specific birthing needs, both emotionally and physically, was irreplaceable. Even though labor is very difficult, under the care of a skilled midwife like these women, it doesn't need to be traumatic.
    – Patient - Rachael