When the thrill is gone.

There's a reason women are talking about vaginal rejuvenation. After 40, many women say sex just isn't the same. And it's not just the interest that sometimes goes away – so does the joy. If you want to get that sexy feeling again, you may start looking for solutions.

A few Google searches will turn up all kinds of sketchy info on "vaginal rejuvenation" – a buzz word that means different things for different people. You'll likely find ads for treatments from labiaplasty to vaginal tightening. Sometimes the treatment is a surgical process – approached like a nose job or eyelid bob. (Umm, hello? Definitely not the same.)

We need some girl talk. Get the facts.

So, let's get together and talk about some of these lady part issues with the expert. Find out exactly what causes the problems and which solutions actually work. (BTW, it's not always surgical. There are some amazing procedures that work wonders for incontinence as well as sexual satisfaction.) Join us for dinner with Dr. Ashford – OBGYN, Urogynecologist, and straight talker. Get the facts. And put that spring back in your step. It's never too late to recapture your youthful outlook.

Dinner with Dr. Ashford
Thursday, November 2, 2017
6 to 8 p.m.
Angelina's Kitchen in Woodbury

Tickets are $15 and available here:

Eventbrite: Tickets for Dinner with Dr. Ashford

Angelina has an amazing menu planned. Here's what you can expect:

The Menu

Antipasto plates with rustic crackers
Tomato Bruschetta

Spinach Salad with Fresh Pear, Goat Cheese & candied Walnuts
Chicken Roulades (Chicken Breasts wrapped around fresh mozzarella, fresh basil & Prosciutto) served over fresh linguini with basil pesto
Ciabbatta rolls with Olive oil and balsamic vinegar

House made chocolate Cake with fresh whipped cream and berries

Wine, soft drinks, coffee