Wondering what it's like to be a patient at Minnesota Women's Care?

Here's what our patients say. They know us best.

Excellent care, wonderful environment.
– R.H. - Patient
Dr. Kelley is knowledgeable and truly caring. When she meets with you she gives you 100% of her attention and is completely focused on you and your needs. Her manner is gentle but firm. Her explanations are clear and not the least bit condescending. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
– D.V. - Patient
Heather at Minnesota Women's care is amazing! I feel so comfortable around her she listens to my concerns and addresses them.
– H.S. - Patient
Love love love this clinic. Followed my midwives there after the birth of my first baby for my second. All my visits were in Woodbury MN and Hudson WI. I have nothing negative to say. Robyn Cox and Liz Radford were the midwives I worked closely with. Robyn delivered my first at a different hospital and Liz delivered my second!
– E.B. - Patient
I always feel listened to and that I'm in wonderful hands. Dr. Kelley always listens and takes her time!
– L.F. - Patient
MN women's care got me in the same day because I was having some concerns with my pregnancy. This was my first time going. A week ago I had an appt with my normal doctor at a different clinic who was having trouble finding a heartbeat and was more concerned about getting to her next patient over finding out if my baby was okay or giving me any sort of peace of mind. I explained what had happened and Mn women's care got me in within a couple hours. An ultra sound tech offered to stay late to make sure everything with the baby seemed okay. Everyone I met tonight was so friendly and made me feel cared about. It wasn't about getting out of there for the night or getting to the next patient. They answered all the questions I had and explained everything they were doing. I will be having them see me throughout the rest of my pregnancy.
– Patient - P.R.
Came for the first time yesterday after being recommended by people on Facebook and it was an amazing experience compared to everything we have been threw this pregnancy. I've always felt like we weren't getting the care we needed and that we were not important. I finally feel like we found the perfect clinic. Everyone listened and took the time to help me with my concerns and questions. People asked questions about my baby and genuinely cared about what I had to say... I was told at least three times they were happy to have me at their clinic! I am enjoying my baby appointments now instead of dreading them. I am absolutely in love with this place and wished I had made the switch sooner. Thank you ❤️
– M.M. - Patient
Dr. Grazette was wonderful! I like her open keeping it real approach.
– V.N. - Patient
Dr Kelly was straightforward and blunt about my complications which honestly after listening to the bull$!$! from the other competing clinic was refreshing. She listened and showed me the human side of doctors. Even though she couldn't resolve my issues she immediately referred me to the Mayo Clinic. Thank you Dr Kelly.
– E.S. - Patient
Staff is friendly and welcoming. The practitioner was very knowledgeable, helpful and respectful. I would recommend to friends.
– N.A. - Patient
I can sit normally with no pain, I’ve always had this sitting pain and that’s Gone! I noticed significant improvements by my third treatment. Pain with intercourse has disappeared. It’s not even there. It’s just unbelievable. I was having pain when I’d go to the restroom and that’s gone. It’s been amazing.

It’s quick it’s easy. It’s really simple

Don’t wait to do it. Do it now! I wished I had done it years ago. It’s amazing. I’m excited to see where I’m at at the very end, but I know now it’s been 100% worth the cost. It’s phenomenal.
– Keisha H
I have had pelvic pain probably close to 10 years it’s affected almost every area of my life, but most importantly probably my intimacy, so it’s been rough.

I did physical therapy for probably 2 years and it did help some, but I just found that I could never really get past that If I didn’t go consistently, the pain was always back, so it wasn’t really feasible to be able to do that twice a week ongoing.
– Keisha H
(Part 1)
Sharing new symptoms that I didn't think would be related, resulted in finding an issue that we had not previously found. Tying that into all the other things I've had going on and we have a new direction to look for answers and relief. Time and time again, I feel that I'm getting more answers and relief than I ever have with any other clinic. Dr Ashford and his team are all so helpful and I feel like they truly care about resolving my problems. I've never felt so passionate about the help I've gotten from a clinic. Life changing is an understatement with regards to the help I've received.
– J.H. - Patient
I have been coming to the Minnesota Women's Care clinic for the past 3 years, I have seen many of the wonderful doctor's here and it's been nothing but a positive experience. I am now enrolled in a program with Dr. Ashford that I have been a part of for the last 2 months. Everyone involved in this program has been exceptional! I will admit that the wait is occasionally been a little longer than I wanted but it is always been worth the wait. Dr. Ashford and his team have always been there to listen, and help with any issues I have had. I have never felt rushed or not listened to, I always feel that all my questions and concerns are taken care of.

The HCG program has been tough at times but very rewarding. I have dropped almost 2 sizes in less than two months, Dr. Ashford and Courtney have been amazing through out my entire experience. Courtney has been life changing, I have learned so much that I will take with me always! Thank you both so much for a rewarding and much needed experience!
– Lisa Newman
I have never in my life met a doctor who is so intelligent and at the same time so incredibly caring of all of his patients.
– L.L. - Patient