Wondering what it's like to be a patient at Minnesota Women's Care?

Here's what our patients say. They know us best.

Extremely knowledgeable on women's care and hormone balance. I truly believe they may change my life and have given me hope I never thought existed.
– C.C.Y. - Patient
Ilana Farb CNP assisted me with a durable medical device. She was kind and encouraging. She explained things very clearly answered my questions completely and gave me the confidence I needed to begin using the device. I was very pleased with the appointment and happy with her guidance!
– J.F. - Patient
Ilana Farb is wonderful! So kind and caring.
– B.M. - Patient
Andrea Brockberg is very caring and makes sure that I have the best treatment available. She reviews in details my labs and treatments with me so that I can make the best decision to my health care. I trust her completely and that trust is important in getting the best care possible.
– S.B. - Patient
I am so grateful for Heather DeJarnett's compassionate care and understanding of my health and well-being concerns. She listened and gave me direct answers and options of how to treat my health concerns. I feel very well cared for by Heather and am optimistic that she has started me down a path of better health with her treatment recommendations. Thank you!!!
– L.C. - Patient
I googled this place looking for a local GYN and so far I am very pleased. I go to the Maplewood location. It is easy to park find and the facilities are very clean and comfortable. The staff is friendly and easy to talk to. The staff is all women who treated me warmly and made me feel at ease. The doctors/practitioners were so knowledgeable they knew what they were doing and answered all my questions without rushing me. They have a online portal that is very convenient and effective at communicating and managing my test results and appointments. As a menopausal woman this place is a gem. They have many specialties in-house i.e. hormone specialist urology etc. Everyone's experience may differ but I definitely recommend based on my experiences.
– H.C.H. - Patient
Dr. Kelley is kind and professional a good listener and highly competent. I have recommended her to friends and family.
– R.S. - Patient
Dr. Zilles is a great communicator and listener
– L.L. - Patient
Heather DeJarnett had such a positive attitude to make this experience a pleasurable one. She was so great that I forgot about the lengthy process that we've been facing with our fertility journey
– WebMD user
Dr. Ashford and his team are extremely friendly knowledgeable and caring. They made me feel at ease during a procedure and well cared for afterward! Highly recommend!
– E.S. - Patient
Dr. Kelly is the best gynecologist I've ever been to she's knowledgeable intelligent very very nice attentive to my needs I've had bad experience with previous gynecologists I knew my needs weren't being met or I wasn't important and ignored I either waited a long time or was rushed made me feel very uncomfortable unsure full of doubts and not important I didn't matter coming to Dr. Kelly my nightmares have changed I feel safe and important also I know what matters to me is just as important to her wow awesome I like to say I found a friend in Dr. Kelly and I would recommend my closest friend and family members even women I don't know to Dr. Kelly thanks for making me full good about my health needs and being the best one ever ??
– A.K. - Patient
Dr. Mahan is very good at listening and gave me some great suggestions to try for my issue. Can't thank her enough!!
– D.C. - Patient
Andrea Brockberg is very kind & knowledgeable about all of my health concerns.
– HealthGrades User
Dr. Ashford has treatments for all of my issues. I am so very happy to have learned about your clinic! We need more like it and more physicians like Dr. Ashford!!
– L.L. - Patient
Dr. Ashford was really great with communication. He took his time with explaining everything to me. I'm so glad I picked him to do my procedure.... I definitely recommend anyone to see him...
– S. - Patient