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Dr. Ashford is an excellent physician with impeccable surgical skills. I was so lucky to find him. 
Patient - St. Paul
Dr. Ashford takes the time to ask questions, provide feedback, and value the patient's time.
S.S. - Minnesota
I could not have asked for a better surgeon or care team.
Bianca - Minnesota
Dr. Ashford provided a consult for my husband and me regarding our fertility concerns. He actually helped eliminate several fears, provided balanced medical information, and gave us practical advice on moving forward with our family plans.
L.B. - Minnesota
Minnesota Women's Care offers very extensive care for every woman and their needs. The facility is always clean. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I myself go weekly for Urostym treatment for my Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. This treatment has been very beneficial for me. Dr. Ashford is so knowledgeable about every aspect of a women's body. I would HIGHLY recommend him to every woman.
E.B. - Minnesota
I received Femilift treatments at your clinic. I have never had such a wonderful experience at any medical facility in my life. I was listened to, heard, respected, and treated with such absolutely professionalism and caring. I can't say enough positive things! I will be (and have been) referring you to anyone I can.
S.S. - Minnesota
From February 2013 to November 2013, I worked with Dr. Ashford's staff with use of the In-Tone device to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. It was a very good experience, and I still use the device. This is a great alternative to try for bladder leakage.
P.R. - Minnesota
I just wanted to let you know our baby twins are doing awesome! I will never forget you. You saved my life and my twins lives, especially Olivia. You were such a blessing in our lives and I want you to know I really don't think we would be here without you. I hope you are well!
Sarah - St. Paul
I have been seen quite a bit by both Dr Ashford (during my pregnancy with twins and with other women's health issues) and Andrea Brockberg (for all of my yearly appointments) and love both of them!
Naomi - Minnesota
Dr. Ashford is very easy to talk to. He will listen and respond with understandable terms. I highly recommend him.
Patient - St. Paul
Dr. Ashford delivered my daughter 3 years ago, and I was SO impressed.
Patient - St. Paul
I've been going to Women's Care for a long time now, and all my experiences have been great. Andrea and Dr. Ashford have been very skilled and answered all my questions. I always feel well taken care of when I visit there, and any time I have questions I'm able to have them answered fully. Definitely recommend this clinic! I drive 20+ miles for this clinic and it's worth it.
M.W. - Minnesota
Dr. Ashford is very polite, respectful, caring and knowledgeable.
P.M. - Minnesota
This is an amazing clinic! I find it such a cute place to go to for my midwife/doctor appointments. All the staff are very welcoming, respectful, understanding and patient (: . I would recommend any women at this clinic for their needs ! (:
T.T. - Minnesota
I received excellent care from Dr. Ashford and nurses to provide treatment for ongoing excessive bleeding. I underwent an endometrial ablation procedure, which was quick and relatively easy. Since the procedure, I've had no problems, no pain, and no bleeding. Dr. Ashford's team was professional and caring and helped me to feel comfortable.
T.G. - Minnesota

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