Wondering what it's like to be a patient at Minnesota Women's Care?

Here's what our patients say. They know us best.

There is something so different about midwifery care that I was drawn to right away with all three of these women -- Sara Brown, Robyn Cox, and Elizabeth Radford. Right away I felt heard, cared for and in very skilled hands with them. Having midwives who considered my unique birth history and were committed to supporting my specific birthing needs, both emotionally and physically, was irreplaceable. Even though labor is very difficult, under the care of a skilled midwife like these women, it doesn't need to be traumatic.
– Patient - Rachael
My first two babies were delivered by Elizabeth Radford. The care that the midwives gave me and my family was EXCEPTIONAL. As a brand new pregnant mama, I was heard. I was not looked down upon for wanting to go into labor spontaneously and have as minimal intervention as possible. I was confident that in the event that an intervention was medically necessary during birth my midwife was more than capable not only “handle it” but to make necessary decisions to do the best for the baby and I.
– Patient - Alyse
I was hit with a few major diagnoses at once and didn't realize how much it could effect women's health overall. There were times where I had honestly given up on the possibility of being without pain until Dr. Ashford had instilled in me that women don't have to just exist with it.

Dr. Ashford is the most honest and thoughtful provider I've ever worked with. He explains decision making with clarity and ease without making you feel overwhelmed or small. I'm someone with a boat load of anxiety and Dr. Ashford and the team here at MNWC are truly sensitive to my needs and want to see their patients reach their wellness goals. I'm beyond thankful and wish I could begin to describe the kind of gratitude that comes with that but for now I'd just say thank you so much!
– Anon - Patient
Andrea is the most caring provider I have been working with on my situation. She takes the time to listen and followup on my condition. I could see someone in Woodbury but opt to see Andrea.

She is great!!!
– D.N. - Patient
Easy breezy sottopelle insertion! Appointment ran on time. Clear concise instructions and explanations. Great visit with Rachel Snell.
– A.M. - Patient
Rachel Snell is very informative and i never get the feeling that she rushes my appointments. Very attentive and patient with any questions i have.
– M.V. - Patient
Ilana Farb is the best! I have been seeing Ilana for almost 2 years now. I am so happy to finally feel some relief of my perimenopausal symptoms. She listens and is willing to try new thing to help you. I am so grateful for this clinic and all they have done.
– D.D. - Patient
I enjoy Andrea. Knowledgeable and listens. I am feeling so much better with the Sottopelle Insertion. I see Andrea for my yearly exam and will start having a mammogram here.
– L.B. - Patient
I am 39 weeks pregnant and have been having issues with sciatic nerve pain and groin cramping. Erin has adjusted me during both my pregnancies and has given me so much relief; from migraines, neck pain, to ligament pain relief, and now to my current issues. She is wonderful with her patients.
– L.E. - Patient
I wasn't sure what to expect given that this was my first time ever meeting with a chiropractor and meeting someone for my pregnancy sciatica pain that I've had my last pregnancy as well. But Erin has made me feel really comfortable and made it easy for me to trust her with my body. She thoroughly explains what she is doing so I don't become alarmed and also in a way that I understand. Overall, it's been a great experience!
– M.Y. - Patient
Rachel Snell is exceptional; knowledgeable, professional, great personality, very sweet and sunny disposition, listens, great communicator.
– Y.K. - Patient
Andrea Brockberg is the Best Provider!
Andrea is very thorough. She has been instrumental in getting my hormones in check and improved my quality of life in a big way. Go see her!
– Anon- Patient
Love this clinic! This is the first clinic where i feel heard. I can tell them i don't feel sick but i just don't feel great and i don't feel like myself and they get it! They listen and understand the female body and all the hormonal challenges etc.
– Anon - Patient
Comprehensive, on-time, and helpful. Today's visit was on-time. Rachel Snell was comprehensive, quick and very helpful. She offered to check on availability of mammogram - I was able to combine services at my appointment. Rachel is very responsive and presents very credibly.
– Anon - Patient
Amazing chiropractor, amazing person! I have been seeing Dr Erin for a few years now starting at a prior location. She has allowed me to live pain free as well as provide many tips and tricks to prolong my bodily health
– D.P. - Patient