Andrea Brockberg, Certified Nurse Practitioner | Minnesota Women's Care

Stay safe. Stay informed. Our Online Consult System is available.

Women have healthcare needs all the time ... and that includes times where less travel and interaction is the best course of action. Our Online Consult System allows you to get private, experienced, qualified assistance from an OBGYN professional online. Our physicians, nurse practioners, and midwives are available to answer your questions. If an in-person visit is best, they will let you know.

We're here to help.

If you are currently a patient of Minnesota Women's Care...

there's no need for you to use this system. Simply call our office and let us know what you need.
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If you have never been to Minnesota Women's Care...

this system is for you.

We can assist with a full range of questions and concerns about pregnancy care, BHRT, menopause, bladder weakness and leakage, and more.