Dr. Melvin Ashford

"Our lives are so different than they were 50 years ago, yet much of the healthcare that’s provided to women hasn’t changed a bit. I don’t agree with that old-fashioned approach. I am committed to providing answers and solutions for the conditions women are facing right now – today – not yesterday."

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Dr. Amy Kelly

"I believe there is no single answer that works for everyone. I work closely with each individual patient to help them understand their options so they can make informed decisions about their medical issues and treatment choices. As a physician, I have the benefit of helping women while incorporating science, technology and education. The relationships that develop through this and the empowerment of women are very rewarding."

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Dr. Heather Miller

"The relationship between a woman and her physician - the trust and understanding - has inspired me from the beginning. It is a privilege for me to be a part of my patient's lives."

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Andrea Brockberg, CNP

"I feel a privilege to provide my patients with a holistic approach to well-woman care in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I want patients to feel empowered to take an active role in their health through the guidance of their provider."

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Rachel Snell, CNP

"I find it rewarding to help women to achieve their optimal health and I strive to offer compassionate and personalized care with by creating lasting, trusting relationships with my patients. I feel truly fortunate to be involved in such a important facet of a woman’s life."

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Ilana Farb, CNP

“It is a privilege to provide care to women. There is an important and meaningful connection that takes place between a woman and her care provider and I am honored to be a part of that special relationship.”

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Torri Washington, CNM

"I consider myself fortunate to have chosen a career that I am passionate about. I love assisting women in creating a health care experience they feel comfortable with. I truly enjoy seeing patients from all different cultures and specializing the care they get so that we can learn from each other."

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Heather DeJarnett, CNM

"I feel honored to witness and participate in one of the most intimate and memorable experiences of a woman’s life. My personal and professional experience as a midwife continues to nurture the passion I have for obstetrics and women’s health. I have been blessed with the opportunity to care for women, and look forward to being a part of your health care experience."

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Julie Ann Vingers, CNM

"As a nurse midwife practitioner and educator, I believe healthcare for women encompasses all aspects of wellness - physical, mental and spiritual."

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Erin Folkerts (Epperly), DC

"Working in women's health ensures a rewarding experience as chiropractor. It is amazing to encourage women to take the reins and participate in the care they receive."

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Rachel Gates, CNM

"I enjoy providing care to women throughout their lives. I believe in sharing information with patients to empower them in becoming more proactive in their health care. The plan of care that results is customized for each woman’s needs and provides for the best possible outcomes."

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Dr. Kenneth Crabb

"From my years of experience, I’ve learned that no two patients are alike and individualized care is essential. I am committed to providing answers and solutions based on the current literature. We cannot treat today’s diseases with yesterday’s medicines."

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