MN Women's Care Provider Profile
Elizabeth Radford,
Certified Nurse Midwife

Elizabeth's background has a full range of experience in labor and delivery, midwifery, and women's health care. She is experienced with both waterbirth and VBAC. In addition to her responsibilities as a midwife, Elizabeth has served on management committees overseeing birth center policies, protocols, and practices.

Elizabeth has been recognized for a number of accomplishments. She has achieved Certificates of National Best Practice by ACNM (American College of Nurse-Midwives) for Highest Rate of Exclusive Breastfeeding and Triple Aim. She was voted one of the Best of the Twin Cities Birth and Baby (through The Twin Cities Birth and Baby Expo) for exceptional service and dedication to pregnant women and new families in 2013.

Elizabeth has shared her knowledge and training as both a childbirth and lactation educator.

About her philosophy of care, Elizabeth says:

"I am passionate about women’s health and strive to empower women with education, support, and encouragement to trust their body and themselves. As a midwife, I am honored to participate in one of the most influential moments of a woman’s life."

Elizabeth's focus on empowering women is clear in the reviews she receives from her patients. One patient wrote:

"My first two babies were delivered by Elizabeth Radford. The care that the midwives gave me and my family was EXCEPTIONAL. As a brand new pregnant mama, I was heard. I was not looked down upon for wanting to go into labor spontaneously and have as minimal intervention as possible. I was confident that in the event that an intervention was medically necessary during birth my midwife was more than capable not only “handle it” but to make necessary decisions to do the best for the baby and I."

Another wrote:

"There is something so different about midwifery care that I was drawn to right away with all Elizabeth, Robyn and Sara – right away I felt heard, cared for and in very skilled hands with them. Having midwives who considered my unique birth history and were committed to supporting my specific birthing needs, both emotionally and physically, was irreplaceable. Even though labor is very difficult, under the care of a skilled midwife like these women, it doesn't need to be traumatic."