Andrea Brockberg, CNP

MN Women's Care Provider Profile
Andrea Brockberg,
Certified Nurse Practitioner

Andrea is a certified nurse practitioner - CNP - who has specialized in women's health (WHNP). She grew up in Maine and has been in Minnesota for more than 10 years. She is very well known to many women in the area through her previous work at Aspen. She is a highly-regarded nurse practitioner and has been working closely with Dr. Ashford for many years.

Andrea really understands the lives of busy women ... she is one! She participated in 4 triathlons this summer. (She says she made herself do triathlons so she would get over cringing about cold water.) With her new-found interest in cycling, she loves doing a nice 40 or 50 mile bike ride most weekends. She loves hiking and backpacking, and is backpacking and camping on Mt. Hood (Oregon) in October.

She does all kinds of things with her family - both human and canine. They all go to the dog park where the humans get to watch the dogs make friends. They're trying to teach new tricks to their maltipoo. And in her spare time, she loves to cook and try new recipes.

We found out something about Andrea we didn't know. When she was a kid, she loved to send her Barbies down the river on rafts. We're guessing they didn't come back.

Andrea Brockberg, CNP: In her own words