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Dr. Christopher Ott

Dr. Christopher Ott

Dr. Ott has been a practicing OB/GYN since 2004. Before joining Minnesota Women's Care, he worked for Mayo Clinic Health System in Menomonie, as well as Hudson Physicians in both Hudson and River Falls.

Here's what Dr. Ott says about his work as anOBGYN:

"I find being an OB/GYN very fulfilling. It allows me to experience deeply meaningful relationships with patients during their life milestones, from conception and birth through menopause. I really enjoy being able to assist women, who are looking for healthy solutions to life's challenges, over the entire span of their lives. From early teens struggling with menses or complexion, to women of child bearing age who may be planning to conceive, or who are already experiencing their pregnancy, to women entering menopause who may be noticing changes in their libido or fluctuations in their weight."

"I believe medicine should go beyond just the physical aspects and incorporate the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. I believe in preventive care and I encourage my patients to make the changes needed to stay healthy, to avoid conditions that may require extensive treatment later. If additional care is required, I am able to apply my medical knowledge and surgical skills to treat both familiar and new conditions as they arise."

Dr. Ott also has many interests outside of medicine. He is an accomplished artist and avid supporter of the arts. He is an amateur musician and enjoys playing both the guitar and the drums. He has been a Star Wars fan and a hard-core Badgers supporter since the age of 3. He enjoys growing his own flowers and creating arrangements for both friends and family. Be sure to watch for him at events of all kinds in the Hudson and Maplewood areas.


Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Medical College of Ohio | Toledo, OH

Medical School
Medical College of Wisconsin | Milwaukee, WI

Undergraduate Education
University of Wisconsin | Madison, WI

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