MN WOmen's Care Provider Profile

Dr. Donna Randall, OBGYN

Dr. Donna Randall

Those who have known Dr. Randall as a physician and friend are truly fortunate. She is a powerhouse. Not just physically, which is true, but as a woman who radiates inner strength.

Dr. Randall's professional life began in classical music. After completing her undergrad and a Master's, she was teaching music on the college level when she was inspired to become a physician. With that strength of will that's evident in all she does, she completed the science courses she needed to get accepted into medical school.

When selecting a specialty, she chose to become an OBGYN for a number of reasons. First, the complexity of the specialty made it endlessly interesting. Second, she loved the arc of care that she could provide – from teen years, through pregnancy, delivery, and motherhood and on to the mature years in a woman's life.

We are SO pleased to welcome her to Minnesota Women's Care. As thousands of women in the Twin Cities know, Dr. Randall is caring and straightforward with a special charm all her own. She loves her patients and prides herself on delivering personalized care to each and every woman. Welcome, Dr. Randall. We're glad you're here.

When we announced on Facebook that Dr. Randall was joining our team, the response was overwhelming! (Even with her outdated photo.) Check out what so many patients had to say about her and her special way of providing thoughtful, personalized care.

Dr. Donna Randall: In her own words