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Dr. Ed Beadle

For many women in the Twin Cities, Dr. Beadle is familiar as a trusted physician with an inpeccable reputation for patient care. His professional experience includes Haugen Associates, Minnesota Gynecology and Surgery, and Fairview Center for Women. In addition to his work as a physician, he has often been in leadership, management, and faculty positions.  

Throughout his career, Dr. Beadle has earned rave reviews from his patients. It's common to see him described as "professional, thorough, and helpful." He's known for providing detailed explanations to his patients about their condition and their options.

Dr. Beadle was an early pioneer in laparoscopic and laser surgeries – minimally invasive approaches that have made a huge difference in women's lives. He joins Dr. Ashford and other surgeons on our team in his embrace of surgical advances that provide for better outcomes and a faster, more pain-free recovery.

Dr. Beadle's areas of interest include minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, infertility, tubal reversal sugery, treatment of endometriosis, and the treatment of urinary incontinence. His thoughtful approach and expertise combined with his lifelong commitment to personalized care makes him a perfect addition to our team. We are so pleased he has chosen to join Minnesota Women's Care.

A New Direction

Dr. Beadle retired from private practice last year – a change that disappointed many of his patients and colleagues. In announcing his return to work as a Gynecologist, Dr. Beadle explained his thoughts on the change. We loved what he had to say:

Dear friends & patients,   

Last year I thought I was ready for retirement. I soon realized that I missed the patient interaction and providing personal care in a private practice. What I did not miss is the mess that medicine can sometimes become – big corporations, insurance companies, and governmental regulations.   

I am excited to join a rapidly growing group, Minnesota Women's Care. It embodies many of the same elements of my career; personalized patient care with many new perspectives including skin care, outpatient minimally invasive surgery, and physical therapy. I plan to start seeing patients in their Apple Valley office this fall.

I am pleased to have the support of a broad team of physicians, allied health professionals, and welcoming staff. It would be an honor to see any of my  past patients or their family or friends again.        

Dr. Ed Beadle

With Dr. Beadle's incredible experience as a physician and surgeon, we are so pleased to welcome him to Minnesota Women's Care.


Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Minnesota

Medical School
University of Minnesota 

Undergraduate Education
Gustavus Adolphus College


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