MN WOmen's Care Provider Profile

Dr. Guillermo Chang, OBGYN

Dr. Guillermo Chang

The basis for Dr. Chang's approach to women's healthcare starts in his native Peru. He grew up in a family where women were treated with equality and fairness. This was at a time where that was certainly not the norm anywhere in the world. Through his family and his own experiences, he came to the belief that treating women with dignity and fairness would do a tremendous amount of good for everyone.

After training as an OBGYN in Peru, he came to the US and settled in Minnesota. As is the rule, he repeated his OBGYN residency at Ramsey County Hospital – now called Regions. Throughout his life, Dr. Chang has been the trusted physician of many women from many different cultures and all walks of life.

His philosophy about care is very straightforward. He says, "What is in my heart when I practice medicine is that I believe I can help women live their best life." We're honored to have him on our team at Minnesota Women's Care.