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Dr. Jackie Mahan

Dr. Jacqueline Mahan

When Dr. Jackie Mahan went to college, she planned on majoring in business. But, as most freshman do, she changed majors when she discovered her true passion: medicine. Jackie was far more intrigued by the inner workings of the human body than the inner workings of a company.

Her easy disposition and genuine interest in her patients make her ideally suited for her OB/GYN practice. She says, “I think I have a natural ability to establish open and comfortable relationships with my patients. I really enjoy discussing health and wellness concerns with women.”

Dr. Mahan’s credo? Listen first, treat second.

It’s her ability to listen that makes Jackie such a good doctor. She has an intense desire to understand her patients, address their concerns and questions, and empathize with their experiences. Through listening, Jackie ensures that her patients are getting the care they need.

Dr. Mahan enjoys everything about OB/GYN, especially the balance and variety that her office practice, deliveries and procedures provide. Her special interests include normal and complicated obstetrics, infertility, menstrual disorders, gynecologic procedure and preventive health care for women. She credits her husband, Brian, with his patience of the hectic schedule she keeps as an OB/GYN physician and his “unique understanding of how important my patients are to me. I’m extraordinarily lucky.”

Jackie and her husband Brian live in Woodbury with their three children. Brian and the kids are avid Tae Kwon Do enthusiasts, and are kicking their way toward black belts. As a family, they enjoy outings to amusement parks, zoos, water parks, lake resorts and other outdoor activities. But their favorite destination is Disney World, hands-down.
When she’s not attending to patients, Jackie enjoys unwinding with a good book, going shopping, or trying her hand at arts and crafts with the kids. Every once in a while, she’ll take a break from her hectic pace and spend a quiet evening at home watching a movie and eating any kind of treat (as long as it’s chocolate).

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