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Dr. Melvin Ashford - Urogynecologist

Dr. Melvin Ashford, OBGYN and Urogynecologist

Urogynecology: What it means to you

Dr. Ashford is trained and board-certified in Urogynecology - formally known as Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. This means, in addition to his training and certification as an OBGYN, he has completed additional training in the treatment of disorders in women such as pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, and other complex pelvic floor conditions.

Dr. Ashford constantly monitors advancements in the field and has traveled the world to learn and perfect his skill sets to better address the needs of his patients. He says:

“Our goal at Minnesota Women’s Care is to use our knowledge and skill base to address and improve the quality of the lives of the women we serve by focusing not only on the things that “doctors” think are important but more importantly on the things that women think are important. Any provider relying simply on previous training is missing out on the exciting advancements in medicine – changes that really make a difference in the lives of women. No matter where it is, if there is an answer for my patients somewhere in this world, I will find it.”

My Practice Philosophy

"Our lives are so different than they were 50 years ago, yet much of the healthcare that’s provided to women hasn’t changed a bit. I don’t agree with that old-fashioned approach. I am committed to providing answers and solutions for the conditions women are facing right now – today – not yesterday.

A half-century ago, when our mothers and grandmothers faced medical problems, they were often told to “just live with it.” That's not right. I never expect any of my patients to “just live with” issues that are impacting their lives. I am determined to provide a solution. My education didn't stop with my residency and advanced training. I’ve traveled and continue to travel all over the world to learn from the best-of-the-best so that when my patients are suffering with a condition that impacts their lifestyle or standard of living, I have an answer and solution.

I strive to have a positive impact on every patient that I see. Of course I know that I won’t be able to fix everything (only God can), but I will never stop trying!"

Dr. Melvin Ashford


In 2012, Dr. Ashford founded Minnesota Women’s Care, PA, an independent clinic located in Maplewood and serving the entire Twin Cities metro. Dr. Ashford and his team work with women of all ages to provide the best possible health care. He has a singular focus of proving relevant and needed care that addresses the needs of female patients. His focus is on issues and symptoms that compromise the quality of life for many women – such as urinary incontinence, menopause, pelvic floor disorders, endometriosis, sexual dysfunction and more. The team is skilled at individualized care and work to find solutions that fit for each patient and her concerns.

Early Work

Prior to establishing Minnesota Women’s Care, Dr. Ashford served for nearly a decade at Aspen Medical Group in St. Paul, Minn., as Medical Director, Obstetrics and Gynecology. He also served as Medical Director for Healtheast Midwifery Program and is a member of Healtheast’s OBGYN Leadership Council. He is actively involved in training and development for products that aid in the treatment of conditions specific to women's health. That work includes a consulting role for Coloplast Corporation on Physician Training and Product Development pertaining to female incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and related procedures. He also consults with Intuitive Surgical Corporation in Physician Training and Development for Davinci Robotic Surgery – providing education for physicians desiring to learn robotic surgery.

Minnesota Women's Care: Goals and Objectives

Dr. Ashford's primary goal for Minnesota Women’s Care is to be relevant to the lives of women today and the issues they face in present times. He says, “Too many gynecologists are providing the same care that doctors provided 50 years ago. We are not the gynecologist of yesterday. We are actively pursuing and providing answers and solutions for the conditions that our patients are facing today. We are not "just the place to go to for your pap smear"."

Of course pap smears and other diagnostic tests are important for early detection of certain kinds of cancers. Minnesota Women’s Care addresses this as well as all the other traditional aspects of OBGYN care and the focus on early detection is important to us. But our work does not stop with cancer detection. There are many more issues impacting women's lives every day that occur far more frequently than the kinds of disorders discovered during the routine annual exam of the past.

Today, many women suffer needlessly with hormone imbalance. Many women face physical changes after childbirth that prevent them from living active, pain-free lives. Many women live with chronic pelvic pain. And many more women suffer with urinary leakage because they fear surgery or other treatments. We have answers for these disorders and are completely focused on increasing the quality of life for women who suffer from these kinds of conditions.

Dr. Ashford's Commitment to Care

Dr. Ashford is driven to be the best and to provide his patients with the best possible care.

“I wake up every day striving and expecting the best for my patients. I am honored to have their trust and I value it. In return, I respect my patients and am committed to offering my very best effort. There are a large group of women in the Twin Cities whose lives are better because of the treatment they have received. I am thankful for them and the opportunity I have had to make a positive difference in their lives. It is extremely gratifying."

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