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Dr. Melvin Ashford - Urogynecologist

Dr. Melvin Ashford, OBGYN and Urogynecologist

Urogynecology: What it means to you

Dr. Ashford is trained and board-certified in Urogynecology - known as Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. This means, in addition to his training and certification as an OBGYN, he has completed additional training in the treatment of disorders in women such as pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, and other complex pelvic floor conditions.

Dr. Ashford constantly monitors advancements in the field and has traveled the world to learn and perfect his skill sets to better address the needs of his patients. He says:

“Our goal at Minnesota Women’s Care is to use our knowledge and skill base to address and improve the quality of the lives of the women we serve by focusing not only on the things that “doctors” think are important but more importantly on the things that women think are important. Any provider relying simply on previous training is missing out on the exciting advancements in medicine – changes that really make a difference in the lives of women. No matter where it is, if there is an answer for my patients somewhere in this world, I will find it.”

My Practice Philosophy

"Our lives are so different than they were 50 years ago, yet much of the healthcare that’s provided to women hasn’t changed a bit. I don’t agree with that old-fashioned approach. I am committed to providing answers and solutions for the conditions women are facing right now – today – not yesterday.

A half-century ago, when our mothers and grandmothers faced medical problems, they were often told to “just live with it.” That's not right. I never expect any of my patients to “just live with” issues that are impacting their lives. I am determined to provide a solution. My education didn't stop with my residency and advanced training. I’ve traveled and continue to travel all over the world to learn from the best-of-the-best so that when my patients are suffering with a condition that impacts their lifestyle or standard of living, I have an answer and solution.

I strive to have a positive impact on every patient that I see. Of course I know that I won’t be able to fix everything (only God can), but I will never stop trying!"

Dr. Melvin Ashford


What our patients say about Dr. Ashford:

  • I had the O shots done at the Minnesota Woman's Care Clinic in Maplewood. In going into the clinic I had some fears of pain but to my surprise throughout the procedure it was at a zero. I didn't feel a thing the highest I would say on the pain scale of ten is 1 one of my main concerns was pain when I was reading about it because it sounds kind of scary but yeah I would say I didn't even feel it and I will definitely get the O shots done again at this clinic. Dr. Ashford and his team did an excellent job!
    – A.M. - Patient
  • I have been seeing Dr Ashford since he first opened the clinic in Maplewood. I had previously received hormone therapy elsewhere with very little education or care. It doesn't take long to see that Dr. Ashford deeply cares about women's health. He takes his time and listens. He is worth waiting for. Best of all he is on the cutting edge when it comes to menopause relieving (and perhaps reversing) the signs & symptoms of aging as well and many other surgical procedures very few have mastered. I have referred this clinic to many of my friends all of whom are in their 50s. Most of them have found another doctor within the multiple clinic locations and are also very happy!! Dr. Ashford has done a great job training them especially in the areas of hormone therapy. I always feel like I'm in good & caring hands when I go in to MN Women's Clinic. I can't say enough good ....except thank you for giving me quality of life back!
    – G.M. - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford is an excellent surgeon. He was able to help me when others doctors could not.
    – N.P. - Patient
  • We have a plan of action!
    – P.K. - Patient
  • Sharing new symptoms that I didn't think would be related, resulted in finding an issue that we had not previously found. Tying that into all the other things I've had going on and we have a new direction to look for answers and relief. Time and time again, I feel that I'm getting more answers and relief than I ever have with any other clinic. Dr Ashford and his team are all so helpful and I feel like they truly care about resolving my problems. I've never felt so passionate about the help I've gotten from a clinic. Life changing is an understatement with regards to the help I've received.
    – J.H. - Patient
  • I have been coming to the Minnesota Women's Care clinic for the past 3 years, I have seen many of the wonderful doctor's here and it's been nothing but a positive experience. I am now enrolled in a program with Dr. Ashford that I have been a part of for the last 2 months. Everyone involved in this program has been exceptional! I will admit that the wait is occasionally been a little longer than I wanted but it is always been worth the wait. Dr. Ashford and his team have always been there to listen, and help with any issues I have had. I have never felt rushed or not listened to, I always feel that all my questions and concerns are taken care of.

    The HCG program has been tough at times but very rewarding. I have dropped almost 2 sizes in less than two months, Dr. Ashford and Courtney have been amazing through out my entire experience. Courtney has been life changing, I have learned so much that I will take with me always! Thank you both so much for a rewarding and much needed experience!
    – Lisa Newman
  • I have never in my life met a doctor who is so intelligent and at the same time so incredibly caring of all of his patients.
    – L.L. - Patient
  • I was hit with a few major diagnoses at once and didn't realize how much it could effect women's health overall. There were times where I had honestly given up on the possibility of being without pain until Dr. Ashford had instilled in me that women don't have to just exist with it.

    Dr. Ashford is the most honest and thoughtful provider I've ever worked with. He explains decision making with clarity and ease without making you feel overwhelmed or small. I'm someone with a boat load of anxiety and Dr. Ashford and the team here at MNWC are truly sensitive to my needs and want to see their patients reach their wellness goals. I'm beyond thankful and wish I could begin to describe the kind of gratitude that comes with that but for now I'd just say thank you so much!
    – Anon - Patient
  • My experience with Dr. Ashford has been absolutely amazing. I've seen many physician's for my problem and this is the first time I feel that someone has listened and offered options/solutions versus being dismissive. I feel like I'm finely on the right path. I would highly recommend Dr. Ashford!
    – Anon - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford was very thorough and listened to my concerns. He explained all my options and made me feel comfortable. He asked if I had any questions and took the time to answer them.
    – A.D. - Patient
  • Wonderful experience! Highly recommend Dr. Ashford! Love coming to see Dr. Ashford and his nurses. They go above and beyond with their patients. I always leave with a smile on my face.
    – Anon - Patient
  • My experience with Dr. Ashford and MWC has been excellent. Dr. Ashford always listens to what I have to say and I always feel that he is carefully considering what is best for me with my unique set of symptoms. I have every confidence in him. In addition, his staff is always responsive to my needs and questions.
    – B.C. - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford and staff are absolutely top-notch. He treated several conditions I had with excellent results and corrected some mistakes other physicians had made. I didn't have to to go Mayo although I had thought about it. I found exactly what I needed at MN Women's Care. No matter what your condition, don't hesitate. Make the call for an appointment. You won't be disappointed.

    Being an older woman like me doesn't mean we have to go through life ashamed, hopeless, or even ignorant about our own bodies. Dr. Ashford and staff treat women who have lots of different issues. They restore hope, dignity and make life full of possibilities again for things you may have thought were hopeless. I am so happy I go there for treatment.
    – J.C. - Patient
  • I love going to the MN Women's Care clinic and Dr. Ashford is the best of the best that there is! He is very caring, knowledgeable and very passionate about what he does.

    Dr. Ashford delivered my soon in 2009 and when I found out he had his own clinic in 2013 I just had to have him as my doctor again for my second child and third child. His team is so amazingly wonderful and very friendly and I love that you can just chit chat about things you have in common with them or everyday life. I have recommended this clinic and Dr. Ashford to all of my family and friends. The facility is beautiful and very clean! Wait time and scheduling was excellent when they first opened and as time went on they became busier as a growing clinic and wait time and scheduling was some times longer and further out which is understandable as a growing clinic, but I called towards the end of Dec. 2017 and couldn't get in to see anyone until the end of Jan 2017 which I just think is too long of a wait to see someone. Overall I wouldn't go anywhere else, but here. I really appreciate what Dr. Ashford has done here for all Women and thank you to his family for sharing him with the world!
    – Anon - Patient -
  • I really like my provider Dr Ashford and his partners. The front desk staff always greets you with a smile and a warm welcome the facility is always clean and location is assessable if taking a bus. Scheduling and wait times are good if can't get in with primary you are always offered to see someone else. My treatment has always been excellent and geared to benefits my needs at the time. With that being said I need to call to schedule an appointment. Thank you.
    – C.C. - Patient
  • Not sure how many people can say that they followed Dr Ashford from Allina. Andrea has been my OB provider since 2002. I have seen many of the MNWC providers in my time and Dr Ashford delivered both my children. I absolutely love this family and the care they give. Dr Ashford has a wonderful mission! Thank you all.
    – Anon - Patient -
  • My experience with Dr Ashford has been very positive in getting me back to good health after my surgery. I have had two surgeries with him and good results. Dr Ashford and nurses are a great team in providing healthy experience. Rachael, Andrea have done the uroystem treatment with me great success along with others that have assisted. I love Women's Care and have referred others to the clinic. Very helpful and supportive. Thanks.
    – S.A. - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford is a brilliant and kind physician. It's worth the wait to see him. After some years of pelvic pain, he put me on a path of therapy and treatment that has ultimately totally alleviated it completely. His expertise is invaluable and I hope more doctors can be influenced by his advanced and wholistic approach to women's care.
    – C.K. - Patient
  • So much to say about this guy, but a huge thank you to him is needed! He is wonderful! After being in pain for over a year and assuming it was b/c of having children and getting older - he put me through some tests and found all of my issues. Now I am feeling great and loving life again! Besides Dr. Kelly - He is the BEST! I have recommended him to many of my girlfriends who are having issues and so excited for their appts with him. Thank you Dr. Ashford!
    – R.K. - Patient
  • Dr Ashford is the best surgeon in the state of Minnesota dealing with Womens pelvic issues. He uses state of the art methods and gives you very individual care. He really listens to you. His staff from the moment you walk into his clinic treat you with the best service possible and always make you comfortable. I love going to this clinic!
    – M.R. - Patient
  • I love Dr. Ashford he is the best of the best that there is! He is very caring, knowledgeable and very passionate about what he does. I have recommended his clinic and Dr. Ashford to all of my family and friends. I really appreciate what Dr. Ashford has done here for all Women and thank you to his family for sharing him with the world!
    – J.T. - Patient
  • Doctor Ashford and his staff gave me my life back and I would recommend them to anyone dealing with OBGYN needs. He worked with me for many months and really listened to and understood me, he also personally preformed surgery on me in April and found the right medication for my endometriosis. A million thank you's to EVERYONE at the clinic, from the people answering the phones, all the way to the nurses and Doctors Ashford, may God bless you all.
    – M.A. - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford was very comprehensive in his treatment plan options, and came up with a plan tailored to my needs. It's a great practice, and I feel like I'm getting access to a team with excellent knowledge.
    – J.C. - Patient
  • I recently had surgery performed by Dr Ashford to correct some prolapse issues. I was extremely impressed with his level of competence and caring throughout the process. I totally trusted him,the surgery was a total success at this point with followup appointments scheduled to make sure I have healed correctly.

    He is an exceptional surgeon who cares personally about each of his patients. I definitely recommend Dr Ashford to any women with pelvic issues.
    – Marilyn - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford is the best! Being a doctor that is both a gynecologist and an urologist he has been able to help me solve all of my issues, not just some of them. Even when I was questioning what was going on, he has remained calm and has always had a plan. He also has explained everything in a way that I could understand.
    – Anon - Patient -
  • I am so lucky to have found this clinic. I wanted a gynecologist that was knowledgeable in bioidentical hormone treatments, almost impossible to find in the twin cities. With Dr. Ashford, I discovered Sottopelle, and it changed my life. I sing the praises of this therapy to every woman I know! He left no question unanswered for me. Sottopelle brought me into the clinic, but now I come here for all of my healthcare needs. Thank you so very much.
    – C.M. - Patient
  • I went months thinking that I had chronic bladder or vaginal infections. I took tons of antibiotics. Dr. Ashford told me that it was not an infection, but possibly a pelvic floor problem. WOW, I never would have guessed, and took the extra time to teach me about my issue. Pain free now, and I have worked with so many providers at the clinic besides Dr. Ashford. So many kind and professional people here to help.
    Again, thank you so much.
    – C.M. - Patient
  • I have been seen quite a bit by both Dr Ashford (during my pregnancy with twins and with other women's health issues) and Andrea Brockberg (for all of my yearly appointments) and love both of them!
    – Naomi - Minnesota
  • Dr. Ashford makes sure to give multiple perspectives on any issue and is pro individual. He and the staff are of the highest quality and would strongly recommend the facility to any expecting couple.
    – A.L. - Minnesota


In 2012, Dr. Ashford founded Minnesota Women’s Care, PA, an independent clinic located in Maplewood and serving the entire Twin Cities metro. Dr. Ashford and his team work with women of all ages to provide the best possible health care. He has a singular focus of proving relevant and needed care that addresses the needs of female patients. His focus is on issues and symptoms that compromise the quality of life for many women – such as urinary incontinence, menopause, pelvic floor disorders, endometriosis, sexual dysfunction and more. The team is skilled at individualized care and work to find solutions that fit for each patient and her concerns.

Early Work

Prior to establishing Minnesota Women’s Care, Dr. Ashford served for nearly a decade at Aspen Medical Group in St. Paul, Minn., as Medical Director, Obstetrics and Gynecology. He also served as Medical Director for Healtheast Midwifery Program and is a member of Healtheast’s OBGYN Leadership Council. He is actively involved in training and development for products that aid in the treatment of conditions specific to women's health. That work includes a consulting role for Coloplast Corporation on Physician Training and Product Development pertaining to female incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and related procedures. He also consults with Intuitive Surgical Corporation in Physician Training and Development for Davinci Robotic Surgery – providing education for physicians desiring to learn robotic surgery.

Minnesota Women's Care: Goals and Objectives

Dr. Ashford's primary goal for Minnesota Women’s Care is to be relevant to the lives of women today and the issues they face in present times. He says, “Too many gynecologists are providing the same care that doctors provided 50 years ago. We are not the gynecologist of yesterday. We are actively pursuing and providing answers and solutions for the conditions that our patients are facing today. We are not "just the place to go to for your pap smear"."

Of course pap smears and other diagnostic tests are important for early detection of certain kinds of cancers. Minnesota Women’s Care addresses this as well as all the other traditional aspects of OBGYN care and the focus on early detection is important to us. But our work does not stop with cancer detection. There are many more issues impacting women's lives every day that occur far more frequently than the kinds of disorders discovered during the routine annual exam of the past.

Today, many women suffer needlessly with hormone imbalance. Many women face physical changes after childbirth that prevent them from living active, pain-free lives. Many women live with chronic pelvic pain. And many more women suffer with urinary leakage because they fear surgery or other treatments. We have answers for these disorders and are completely focused on increasing the quality of life for women who suffer from these kinds of conditions.

Dr. Ashford's Commitment to Care

Dr. Ashford is driven to be the best and to provide his patients with the best possible care.

“I wake up every day striving and expecting the best for my patients. I am honored to have their trust and I value it. In return, I respect my patients and am committed to offering my very best effort. There are a large group of women in the Twin Cities whose lives are better because of the treatment they have received. I am thankful for them and the opportunity I have had to make a positive difference in their lives. It is extremely gratifying."

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