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Dr. Stephanie Deppe

In addition to her training as a family medicine physician, Dr. Deppe has experience and education in Functional Medicine. She is an IFM Certified Practitioner. 

Dr. Deppe has experience working directly with a wide range of patients in clinic, hospital, urgent care, and telemedicine positions. She has extensive training in hormone replacement therapy and other anti-aging approaches. Within her Functional Medicine education, she has received additional training in Advanced GI, Immune Systems, Detox, Hormone Therapy, and Cardiometabolic areas.  

In Real Life

Dr. Deppe is an accomplished equestrian in dressage. She enjoys traveling, biking, hiking, and being with her family.


Family Medicine Residency 
St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency

Medical School
University of Minnesota Medical School
University of Minnesota | Minneapolis, MN

Undergraduate Education
Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology, Concentration in Community & Global Health
Macalaster College | St. Paul, MN


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