MN Women's Care Provider Profile

Dr. Kenneth Crabb

Dr. Kenneth Crabb

We are so fortunate to have Dr. Crabb in our organization. Throughout his extensive career, he has proven to be an incredible resource to patients of all ages. He has a wealth of experience and demonstrates the kind of personalized care for which Minnesota Women’s Care is known.

This is what one patient recently said about Dr. Crabb:
“Dr. Crabb is what every doctor should be. He is kind and caring and treats his patients as if they are the most important. He values his work and it shows through the people he helps.”

Another patient recently said:

"Today I saw Dr. Crabb and the visit was phenomenal. He was attentive and responsive to my every question or statement of need. He was competent, sharp, and along with a rapid diagnosis of my problem helped me address and resolve other issues that were outside of the purpose of my original need. Thank you, Dr. Crabb."