3D Mammograms: A New Advancement in the Detection of Breast Cancer

mammography-suite-titled.jpgWhat is a 3D Mammogram?

3D Mammography (breast tomosynthesis) is a new screening and diagnostic breast imaging tool that provides greater detail. It is done at the same time as a 2D digital mammogram in just a few extra seconds of time on the same equipment.

Why is 3D Mammography better?

The diagnostic radiologist is able to look at images of the breast tissue one thin layer at a time. Small details are more visible and overlapping tissue is less of a problem.

The Advantages of 3D Mammography

Minnesota Women's Care offers state-of-the-art 3D mammography imaging for a number of important reasons:

  1. Breast cancer is identified at earlier stages
  2. Additional images and recalls are reduced by 40%
  3. Reduction of unnecessary procedures and biopsies
  4. Ideal for dense breast tissue exams

When should you have a mammogram?

Any time is fine ... but your annual exam is the perfect time to really take an inventory of your health and wellness - mind and body. By scheduling your mammogram at the same time, your healthcare provider has a complete view of your health.

Why is this so important to us at Minnesota Women's Care?

cari-mammography-suite.jpgIt's personal.

Just outside the door of our small, comfortable mammography suite, there's a plaque honoring the memory of Cari Ashford. Here's what it says:

Breast cancer hits close to the heart here at Minnesota Women's Care. In 2009, Cari Ashfiord lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 36. She left behind three children and her husband – our own Dr. Ashford. 

Cari was passionate about helping others, and throughout her journey with cancer, she wondered how other families with fewer financial resources could get by.

This suite is dedicated to Cari. Your mammogram is contributing to a fund to help others in need. Thank you for helping Cari's legacy – and her memory – live on.

Make your appointment today. You may be saving your own life.

Read more about 3D Mammography on our website here: 3D Mammograms

Then make your appointment. You'll love our small, comfortable mammography suite and the whole process takes just a few minutes.

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