ULTRASHAPE POWER: THE Advanced Non-Surgical Fat Remover

What makes UltraShape Power different from the original UltraShape?

The power has been safely increased, which increases the ability to reduce fat layer thickness. This means significant fat reduction with a 32% reduction in subcutaneous fat layer thickness. In addition, we can treat both small and large areas and people with BMIs higher than 28.

Is UltraShape Power painful?

No! People have told us that their Coolsculpting procedures were really painful. That's not the case with UltraShape Power. Ultrasound is used to destroy the fat cells -- not heat or cold. Since it's not necessary to pinch the skin, it doesn't leave marks.

The UltraShape Power wand delivers ultrasound energy directly into the stubborn fat below your skin’s surface. The targeted fat cells rupture, releasing triglycerides that are processed by the liver and eliminated naturally.

Is this the same as Coolsculpting?

No! Coolsculpting uses extreme cold (cryolipolysis) to destroy fat cells. With the correct temperature, the fat cells are targeted. The body eventually eliminates the dead cells. People have told us both the pinching that precedes the treatment and the treatment are really painful. UltraShape Power uses ultrasound technology – the same technology that's been used for diagnosis and pregnancy care for many years.

UltraShape Power delivers results!

In FDA testing, UltraShape Power was proven to be far more effective than its predecessor and the competition. Here is the “Power” difference:

* Measured by ultrasound for abdomen

UltraShape Power works. Find out more.

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What our patients say:

Dr. Amy Kelly is absolutely amazing! The Woodbury location is lovely and the staff were so kind.
V.P. - Patient