About the O-Shot®

We offer the O-Shot - a non-invasive therapeutic treatment for women suffering from incontinence and anorgasmia - the inability to achieve orgasm with sexual intercourse. This particular therapy has had a significant amount of media attention in the past year and has become increasingly popular with many women.

O-Shot therapy

The O-Shot is an injection of platelet rich plasma around the clitoris, the urethra and vagina. It results in improved nerve and collagen growth as a result of the stimulation provided by the platelets. Often, the O-Shot is combined with Femilift or ThemiVa to get maximum results.

Your "life line"

Women find that the combination of therapies improves vaginal lubrication and sensation. This is especially true in post-menopausal women who have experienced vaginal atrophy and cannot use or do not want to use hormones. For the woman suffering from this condition following menopause, radiation or chemotherapy, these procedures can be a life line. To learn more contact us at Minnesota Women’s Care 651-600-3035.

What our patients say:

I was hit with a few major diagnoses at once and didn't realize how much it could effect women's health overall. There were times where I had honestly given up on the possibility of being without pain until Dr. Ashford had instilled in me that women don't have to just exist with it.

Dr. Ashford is the most honest and thoughtful provider I've ever worked with. He explains decision making with clarity and ease without making you feel overwhelmed or small. I'm someone with a boat load of anxiety and Dr. Ashford and the team here at MNWC are truly sensitive to my needs and want to see their patients reach their wellness goals. I'm beyond thankful and wish I could begin to describe the kind of gratitude that comes with that but for now I'd just say thank you so much!
Anon - Patient

Our Approach
Non-Invasive Treatments for Vaginal Rejuvenation

A number of fast and painless in-office procedures are now available at Minnesota Women's Care. Each one is designed to target specific conditions. In nearly every case these procedures result in increased collagen formation and lubrication. Most women report decreased pain with sex, more enjoyable sex, decreased urinary leakage and less frequent bladder infections.

We offer four popular treatments. After a pelvic exam, we can make a suggestion to you on the best procedure to use for your condition. Sometimes a combination of procedures gets the best results.

Femilift: Uses laser therapy to restore tissue function.

ThermiVa: Uses RF energy and heat to restore tissue.

Geneveve™ by Viveve: Uses a dual-mode deep heating and surface cooling to stimulate the body’s own natural regenerative processes.

The O-Shot®: A platelet injection that is often used in combination with Femilift and ThermiVa to improve nerve and collagen production.