Our Expertise
Pelvic Floor Disorders

Urogynecology is the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders which involve the complex system of muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, and nerves that help support and control the rectum, uterus, vagina, and bladder. Damage to the pelvic floor can occur for any number of reasons including childbirth, repeated heavy lifting, chronic disease or surgery.

There are a wide range of symptoms that indicate a pelvic floor disorder. We are experienced with properly diagnosing the cause of these symptoms and finding a solution that will restore quality of life. 

When appropriate, we believe in using the most conservative treatments first – those which do not involve surgery. The variety of treatments available at our Urogynecology Center is second to none. It allows us to suggest the best options for the best outcome.




We work with women who experience these kinds of symptoms:

Urinary incontinence:
Loss of bladder or bowel control with leakage of urine or feces

Descent of pelvic organs; a bulge and/or pressure; “dropped” uterus, bladder, vagina or rectum (Includes Cystocele, Enterocele, Rectocele, Uterine prolapse, Vaginal vault prolapse)

Emptying disorders:
Difficulty urinating or moving bowels

Pelvic pain:
Discomfort to the lower back, pelvis or bladder and/or urethra

Overactive Bladder:
Frequent need to void, bladder pressure, urgency, urge incontinence (difficulty holding back urine when having the urge to urinate)

Abnormal hole between the vagina and rectum (recto-vaginal), vagina and urethra (urethrovaginal), or vagina and the bladder (vesicovaginal)

Dry and/or Painful Intercourse


Our Approach
Urogynecology Center Treatments

We develop care plans that are attentive to our patients' emotional, educational and physical needs.

Remember: Surgery is NOT the only answer. Our urogynecologists offer a number of non-surgical options that have helped many women find relief from troublesome symptoms. We’ll work with you to find the right solution.


We offer the widest range of treatments for the widest range of conditions. Our comprehensive approach sets us apart from any other clinic offering urogynecology care and treatment.

Look to Minnesota Women's Care for solutions including:

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor physical therapy has become a very successful treatment option for many women suffering from pelvic pain, some types of incontinence, and other significant pelvic floor disorders. Our specialized physical therapists have years of specialized training and additional eduction so they can accurately diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions. 

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Non-Surgical Treatments & Therapies

These treatments use different proven technologies to achieve results. They're often used alone or in combination to rebuild tissue, strengthen pelvic support, reduce symptoms of incontinence, and restore function. Based on your condition and health goals, we will recommend which treatment(s) will be best for you:




MonaLisa Touch®


Click on the name for more details about these treatments.

Surgical Treatment Options

We have extensive experience with a wide range of minimally-invasive procedures to correct physical pelvic floor conditions and restore quality of life. These procedures include:

Surgical Mesh

Prolapse Repair



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