WomanWoRX-base-logo-square-500w.jpgA new and exciting option only from Minnesota Women's Care

WomanWoRX is unlike any fitness program you’ve ever seen. With a firm foundation in physical therapy, chiropractic, fitness, nutrition, and women’s health, our Women’s Health RXperts have carefully designed programs and on-demand solutions for fit pregnancy, post-pregnancy rehab, pelvic floor rehabilitation, weight loss, general fitness, and more.

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About WomanWoRX

Pelvic Floor Revival

We offer innovative programs designed by our Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists to activate, relax, and balance your pelvic floor and supporting musculature. Our structured on-deman programs address both Pelvic Floor Strengthening and Therapy for Pelvic Pain.

Core Revival

This program – Physical Therapy Abdominal Assistance & Advanced Core Work – includes programming, education, and exercise classes specific to those recovering their core muscles. Our RXperts have prepared a 12-phase program with direct guidance to revive your body from shoulders to hips, front and back.

Pregnancy & Prenatal Care 

Prepare for the ultimate athletic event — birth! Safely build strength and endurance to prepare for labor, delivery, and motherhood with programs & exercise classes specifically designed for each trimester of pregnancy.   

New Mom Fitness

During the 4th trimester of new motherhood, our strategically designed program is specifically to help postpartum women rebuild core strength.


Our unique on-demand fitness formats blend yoga, high-intensity interval training, low-impact exercises, and cardio to challenge your muscles and strengthen your body. High energy, heart-pumpin’, workouts will help you feel the burn and activate muscles throughout the whole body. Just in case you missed your live workout, Live Class Replays are always available. If you are injured or are suffering from sore muscles, our Fitness Rehab is perfect to help you get back to life.