Non-Surgical Treatments


FemiLift uses a laser system to provide a non-surgical, quick and safe solution for various common feminine issues, such as Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, recurring infections, and more.


Viveve is a treatment that uses gentle deep heating and surface cooling to stimulate the body’s natural collagen formation process. It is a comfortable, single-session, 30-minute treatment. Viveve works at a cellular level to rebuild and restore collagen within the vaginal tissue – without surgery and without disrupting the surface tissue.


THERMIva is a non-surgical treatment that is designed to comfortably restore the elastic, youthful properties to the inner and outer vaginal area without the need for plastic surgery, pain, or downtime. THERMIva uses RF energy that gently heats tissue to restore normal tissue tone and function. When used inside the vagina, it has proven to effectively revive atrophic tissue and other structures.


MonaLisa Touch is a fractional CO2 laser for gynecologic use that delivers energy to tissue. This convenient laser procedure takes less than 5 minutes to deliver gentle energy to the targeted area. There is no downtime and patients are calling the procedure “Game-Changing”.


Cliovana was developed specifically with the intention of increasing orgasm frequency and improving orgasm intensity. It is a simple, non-invasive treatment that uses sound wave technology. There are no lasers, scalpels, needles and no down time. Cliovana works at the cellular level to boost the process of regenerating cells in the genitals. This results in increased blood flow to the clitoris which can lead to an increase in long term orgasm frequency and intensity.


The O-Shot is an injection of platelet rich plasma (PRP) around the clitoris, the urethra, and vagina. It results in improved nerve and collagen growth as a result of the stimulation provided by the platelets and growth factors contained in the solution. The plasma is derived from your own blood. 

Other Non-Surgical Treatments


For many women suffering from a weak pelvic floor or pelvic pain, pelvic floor physical therapy has proven to provide the relief they need to lead an active, busy life.   The scientific principles behind pelvic floor physical therapy provide a roadmap for successful treatment. 

Our Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy team is comprised of specially trained physical therapists and chiropractors. We invite you to read more about this approach and schedule an appointment.
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WomanWoRX is an innovative concept unique to Minnesota Women's Care and The Urogynecology Center. WomanWoRX provides women with on-demand access to professionally-designed programs to strengthen the pelvic floor, find pain relief, prepare for pregnancy and birth, and to recover from childbirth. Currently our programs are available online for one monthly fee. Our facility will soon be open for in-person training and consultation. 
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WomanWoRX-base-logo-square-500w.jpgA new and exciting option only from Minnesota Women's Care

WomanWoRX is unlike any fitness program you’ve ever seen. With a firm foundation in physical therapy, chiropractic, fitness, nutrition, and women’s health, our Women’s Health RXperts have carefully designed programs and on-demand solutions for fit pregnancy, post-pregnancy rehab, pelvic floor rehabilitation, weight loss, general fitness, and more.

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