Meet Our Midwives

  • Heather DeJarnett, CNM

    Heather DeJarnett, CNM

  • Julie Ann Vingers, CNM

    Julie Ann Vingers, CNM

  • Rachel Gates, CNM

    Rachel Gates, CNM

  • Shelley Renee, CNM

    Shelley Renee, CNM

  • Shawn Johnson, CNM

    Shawn Johnson, CNM

  • Leah Schroeder, CNM

    Leah Schroeder, CNM

  • Kristine K. Twite Lehnen, CNM & WHNP

    Kristine K. Twite Lehnen, CNM & WHNP

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This is one amazing team.

At Minnesota Women’s Care, women have the option of having their birth attended by a midwife or an physician (MD). Some women choose to combine the two options by having a midwife oversee their prenatal care and a physician attend the delivery. The choice is yours.

Our entire team works closely, so your care is consistent from visit to visit. Our goal is to make sure that you have the best possible care throughout your pregnancy and delivery.

Our midwives are Certified Nurse Midwives, meaning they have completed additional study and are trained specifically to provide pregnancy care.

Or phone 651-600-3035

What our moms say:

  • The only place I will ever go for my pregnancies! Love MNWC!
    – D.C. - St. Paul
  • My first two babies were delivered by Elizabeth Radford. The care that the midwives gave me and my family was EXCEPTIONAL. As a brand new pregnant mama, I was heard. I was not looked down upon for wanting to go into labor spontaneously and have as minimal intervention as possible. I was confident that in the event that an intervention was medically necessary during birth my midwife was more than capable not only “handle it” but to make necessary decisions to do the best for the baby and I.
    – Patient - Alyse
  • I can't say enough good things about the care I have had and continue to have with Heather Dejarnett. She has made both my pregnancies enjoyable and I would highly recommend anyone to her. She is very knowledgeable and has always been there for me during pregnancy birth and postpartum. I will truly miss seeing her once my care is over with at MN Women's Care.
    – C.D. - Patient
  • This is an amazing clinic! I find it such a cute place to go to for my midwife/doctor appointments. All the staff are very welcoming, respectful, understanding and patient (: . I would recommend any women at this clinic for their needs ! (:
    – T.T. - Minnesota
  • There is something so different about midwifery care that I was drawn to right away with all three of these women -- Sara Brown, Robyn Cox, and Elizabeth Radford. Right away I felt heard, cared for and in very skilled hands with them. Having midwives who considered my unique birth history and were committed to supporting my specific birthing needs, both emotionally and physically, was irreplaceable. Even though labor is very difficult, under the care of a skilled midwife like these women, it doesn't need to be traumatic.
    – Patient - Rachael
  • I can't say enough great things about this clinic. Heather DeJarnett is so personable and her personality is so welcoming every time I come in. I left my primary clinic because I felt I wasn't able to advocate for myself and I wasn't being heard. This clinic answered my high hopes in being able to have a say in what I want for my medical care. I have not had a bad experience here and I'm about to deliver my second baby with this clinic. Awesome job Minnesota Women's Care!
    – A.W. - Patient
  • Heather DeJarnett had such a positive attitude to make this experience a pleasurable one. She was so great that I forgot about the lengthy process that we've been facing with our fertility journey
    – WebMD user
  • I am blessed to have been seen by one of the very best provider at MN Women's Care. Heather DeJarnett was very thoughtful, direct and informative. I feel that after my visit all my concerns and worries was answer and taken care of. Kudos to Heather!!
    – K.K. - Patient
  • I had such an amazing experience with Minnesota Woman's Care. This was my first pregnancy so I was very nervous going into it but the staff is top notch! So friendly and knowledgeable. I ended up being high risk so I met with the ultrasound techs once a week and they are just the sweetest people and my midwife, Heather, who delivered my baby was amazing! I met with all the staff during my pregnancy and I don't have a bad thing to say about any of them! I'll def be going back for my next pregnancy. My son was born Dec 15th... a healthy baby boy!
    – N.Mc. - Twin Cities
  • MN women's care got me in the same day because I was having some concerns with my pregnancy. This was my first time going. A week ago I had an appt with my normal doctor at a different clinic who was having trouble finding a heartbeat and was more concerned about getting to her next patient over finding out if my baby was okay or giving me any sort of peace of mind. I explained what had happened and Mn women's care got me in within a couple hours. An ultra sound tech offered to stay late to make sure everything with the baby seemed okay. Everyone I met tonight was so friendly and made me feel cared about. It wasn't about getting out of there for the night or getting to the next patient. They answered all the questions I had and explained everything they were doing. I will be having them see me throughout the rest of my pregnancy.
    – P.R.
  • Minnesota Womens Care is phenomenal! From the front desk staff always greeting me with a smile when I walk in to my appointments with Dr. Kelly and Heather. I have spent most of my adult life with uterine pain and from the first time I walked into their office I felt heard. The staff is incredible. I recommend Minnesota Womens Care to everyone I know! Thank you to all of you for all you do!
    – L.G.G. - Patient
  • Every single person I encounter here works with a sense of professionalism and compassion for their patients. I HIGHLY recommend this clinic and any one of their providers to any expectant mother!
    – O.L. - Patient
  • Rachel Gates is the best. I see her in clinic and she never makes me feel rushed nor does she make my concerns feel silly. This is my first child and I feel like I am in good hands
    – S.A. - Patient
  • Julie Ann Vingers was so incredible empathetic relatable sweet sincere professional and just a breath of fresh air. I was considering leaving the clinic but saw Julie Ann and as long as she is there I will be a client. She is absolutely amazing.
    – HealthGrades User
  • From my first experience to my most recent I have felt very well cared for. I am very relaxed about the whole process and have faith that my baby and I are well cared for.
    – Anon - Patient -
  • Heather is wonderful! She made me feel very comfortable during my first visit. I can't wait to see her again!
    – A.A. - Patient
  • I have had a great experience with Minnesota women's care at all four locations. When I was going through an ectopic pregnancy they were the most attentive out of all clinics I reached out to. They helped me through every stage including surgery. Naturally when I got pregnant again I went back and was able to meet many of the doctors and midwives. Now I am about to deliver my first child and am so excited!
    – Anon - Patient -
  • Rachel Gates was very informative and patient with all my questions. She made me feel at ease with all of my uncertainties as a first time mother.
    – J.H. - Patient
  • Every single person I encounter here works with a sense of professionalism and compassion for their patients. I'm especially blessed to be working with Lindsay Nelson who has made keeping up with this pregnancy a wonderful experience. I HIGHLY recommend this clinic and any one of their providers to any expectant mother!
    – O.L. - Patient
  • Minnesota Womans Care Woodbury is amazing! The office is super clean and everyone is so friendly. I had the pleasure to meet all the midwifes during my pregnancy and loved having Heather DeJarnett be the main midwife I went to. She always made me feel like no question was dumb during my pregnancy and always managed to find the perfect words to make me feel comfortable with the different changes that were going on during my pregnancy. She even managed to make it into the hospital to see how I was feeling after my labor and that shows her true passion and love for her job! Hands down Heather is an amazing midwife and I’ll be recommending many to be moms to go to her.
    – M.W. - Patient
  • Heather DeJarnett at Minnesota Women's care is amazing! I feel so comfortable around her she listens to my concerns and addresses them.
    – H.S. - Patient
  • I am so grateful for Heather DeJarnett's compassionate care and understanding of my health and well-being concerns. She listened and gave me direct answers and options of how to treat my health concerns. I feel very well cared for by Heather and am optimistic that she has started me down a path of better health with her treatment recommendations. Thank you!!!
    – L.C. - Patient
  • Rachel was very informative and patient with all my questions. She made me feel at ease with all of my uncertainties as a first time mother.
    – J.H. - Patient
  • Heather DeJarnett is one of the best provider I have seen at MN Women's Care. Highly recommend if you ever have any issue with GYN.
    – K.A.K. - Patient
  • I love it here. Rachel Gates is the best. She gave me answers right away. It feels like we have so much in common that she can be my older sister. The nurses there are also the best. They're all friendly. Dr. Ott was the one who delivered baby. He is also the best. Stitches me up after my c section. He did a good job at it too.
    – H. H. - Patient
  • I love Rachel Gates! She is so friendly and so so so kind. She literally can be my sister and we can talk forever! She answers my questions right away and knows what she is doing. 100% recommend her to be your OBGYN!
    – HealthGrades User
  • I don't know why I even tried 2 other OBGYN clinics before I came here but I am glad I did! Third time's a charm! I saw several different midwives at this location and they were ALL fabulous in their own ways! Everyone made me feel comfortable with my choices and didn't try to sway me in any way; they always respected me. After I gave birth I received a nice card in the mail with what seemed like the entire staff's signatures! I thought that was a very sweet gesture.The midwife that delivered my baby was super nice and calm which I appreciated. I know I wasn't the easiest because I was pretty much rejecting every professional suggestion she gave me but I REALLY wanted to stick to my birth plan. She allowed me to make decisions without feeling guilty.
    – J.X. - Patient
  • My wife and I recently welcomed our first child into the world and had such a great experience thanks to Minnesota Women's Care. We had the opportunity to see 3 different and great midwifes and doctors throughout our 37 week adventure. These 3 women made our experience throughout the pregnancy fantastic, while answering all our questions and making sure we were prepared (as prepared as you can be for your first!).
    – J.D. - Patient
  • Every provider I've met with has been amazing. my favorite is Rachel Gates. would definitely recommend.
    – N.K. - Patient
  • I had a wonderful experience under the care of Sara Brown for the birth of my third child. Her calm, kind demeanor and patient presence made me feel relaxed and safe throughout my labor and delivery, and helped me have a successful unmedicated VBAC. I received excellent care before, during and after delivery. I am thankful to have found Sara Brown!
    – Patient - Emily
  • Julie Ann is very kind and understanding! She was very kind and helpful. She was not judgmental at all and I felt like she listened to everything I said and did a great job explaining everything to me that I asked about!
    – J.P. - Patient
  • Julie Ann Vingers CNM is very caring listens well is knowledgable and takes the time to discuss all issues thoroughly. She even took time to speak with me about grief of losing my Father and had some amazing insight that I appreciated greatly. She goes above and beyond and I would highly recommend her to any friends and family.
    – A.L. - Patient
  • All the midwives and nurses here are friendly and caring. The clinic gives you lots of gifts as you grow with them. The care I received was much warmer than if I went to my family doctor clinic. I chose to be seen exclusively by midwives as I expected a midwife to deliver my baby and I chose to make appointments varying who I'd see so I could meet them all. Each time I met a new midwife they were completely aware of my past appointments and even my personal history. The midwife that delivered my baby did such an excellent job I couldn't be happier.
    – A.A. - Patient
  • I absolutely love every aspect of this facility and every healthcare worker! I have been treated in their OB department as well as reconstructive surgery with Dr. Ashford and treated myself to the services they provide in the SPA and am very satisfied with the care! The girls are so nice. Dr. Ashford & Heather DeJarnett are awesome and know their stuff! Kudos to the whole team!
    – V.F. - Patient
  • It's been a wonderful experience with Heather! This is my 2nd pregnancy with in 2 years and I could't have chosen a better midwife.
    – J.K. - Patient
  • Heather at Minnesota Women's care is amazing! I feel so comfortable around her she listens to my concerns and addresses them.
    – H.S. - Patient
  • I have been going to Minnesota Women's Care for a couple years now. I first went when there was only one MD and a couple of midwives. It has been exciting to see how it has grown. I started going to MN Women's Care for basic annual care and have stuck with them through my first pregnancy. The care they they provide is top notch.

    I love the option of seeing a midwife throughout pregnancy care and have had wonderful experiences with both Heather and Andrea. I have had more ultrasounds than most pregnant women generally get because of some complications and the ultrasound staff have been amazing too. I love that the tech's can communicate to you what they see and you don't have to wait to be told by the doctor. When I had complications the tech I saw at the ER couldn't tell me anything, not even heartbeat, that was scary (I do understand why she couldn't). When I went back to MN Women's Care the next day the ultrasound tech showed me exactly what she was looking at and what she found. That alone ensures that I will come back to MN Women's Care as long as they offer services. They really make you feel like you matter and that your concerns are real when you have them.
    – Anon - Patient -
  • I will literally refer every woman I know to this clinic. From first finding out I was pregnant to my delivery at the hospital & now even in post-partum care we have had nothing but an amazing experience. Audrey Kopp is an INCREDIBLE midwife & always made us feel heard supported & valued during our appointments. The entire staff is kind welcoming & incredibly knowledgeable. We are forever grateful!
    – J.V. - Patient
  • Heather DeJarnett is always friendly. takes care to listen to my needs and concerns.
    – HealthGrades User
  • Today was my 34 week OB appointment with Heather. Heather is such a comfort to me and addresses my concerns confidently and thoughtfully. I've had so many great experiences with Heather, including the care of my first pregnancy and delivery of my daughter. Trusting Heather with my care has been easy and even fun!
    – L.G. - Patient
  • We had just recently moved back to Minnesota in May of 2018, because we were expecting our second little boy and our realator is actually the one who recommended MWC to me. Our first birth was a little traumatic for our family and he ended up in a c-section. So, when I got to MWC and initially met with Rachel Gates (CNM), there was a lot of reassurance, encouragement and support through that appointment. Being a type 1 diabetic, I wasn't sure that they would want to take on a high risk pregnancy, but instead they were more than supportive and ready for the road ahead.

    [...] The whole staff at MWC is so nice, they get to know you and treat you and your family with such respect and kindness. If you have any need, I would recommend MWC as your place to go. MWC is the only place I will be going to during future pregnancies.
    – P.R. - Patient
  • My wife was recently seen by Heather DeJarnett. Heather gave knowledgeable information and very thoughtful towards our needs and wants.
    – B.M. - Patient

Meet our Midwives

Heather DeJarnett, CNM

Heather DeJarnett
Certified Nurse Midwife

Heather has been a part of the delivery experience for many women in the Twin Cities first as a labor and delivery nurse and later as a midwife. We're so pleased she is now a part of our practice. She shares our passion for providing expert care to women during pregnancy and delivery. The enthusiasm she brings to her work is really inspiring. Her personal experience and her expertise as a nurse and certified nurse midwife makes her a great support to pregnant moms of all ages.

Read more about Heather here.

Julie Ann Vingers, CNM

Julie Ann Vingers
Certified Nurse Midwife

Julie Ann comes to Minnesota Women's Care with a robust background in all facets of nursing and women's health including well-women gynecology, family planning, antepartum, and postpartum care. Many women know her through her years in both the Allina and HealthEast systems as well as her work as an instructor and professor.

Read more about Julie Ann here.

Rachel Gates, CNM

Rachel Gates
Certified Nurse Midwife

Rachel completed her first degree in Spanish studies and biology. She quickly returned to school and completed her Master's in nursing and earned her certification in nurse-midwifery. During her educational journey, she gained a ton of experience in many different aspects of women's healthcare.

Read more about Rachel here.


Audrey Kopp
Certified Nurse Midwife

Audrey's background as a nurse and certified nurse-midwife has been completely focused on women's healthcare during pregnancy, delivery, and beyond. Audrey earned her degree as a Doctor of Nursing Practice Nurse-Midwifery from the U of M while serving as the Labor and Delivery Charge Nurse in the Hennepin Healthcare network. She says, "It is such an honor for me to help a woman and her family welcome a new life into the world. Each time I have this experience, my commitment to women's healthcare is reaffirmed."

Read more about Audrey here.


Katie Ireland
Certified Nurse Midwife

Katie is new to Minnesota Women's Care, but she certainly is not new to the many women who met her at the Minnesota Birth Center. As a self-described "guide" and "facilitator" of the birth process, she feels honored to be allowed into her patients' birth stories. 

Read more about Katie here.


Shelley Renee
Certified Nurse Midwife

After years working in Labor and Delivery in busy hospitals in the Twin Cities, Shelley completed her education and licensing to become a certified nurse midwife. We appreciated her great work as an RN and are delighted to have her on our team.

Read more about Shelley here.


Shawn Johnson
Certified Nurse Midwife

Shawn has more than 20 years experience working with moms during pregnancy and birth. In addition, she is experienced providing primary care to women throughout their lives – conducting physical exams, diagnostics, treatment and follow-up for both OB and GYN clients. 

Read more about Shawn here.


Leah Schroeder
Certified Nurse Midwife

Leah earned her advanced degree in nurse-midwifery after years of working in busy hospitals as a labor and delivery nurse, charge nurse, and floor nurse. She has provided care to women throughout the lifespan including well-woman care, pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum, and infertility care. 

Read more about Leah here.

Kristine Twite-1-MNWC.jpg

Kristine K. Twite Lehnen
Certified Nurse Midwife & Nurse Practitioner

Kristine's background includes diverse roles and experiences as a nurse and nursing educator. She is a Certfied Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice and a post-graduate certificate as Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. In addition, she is a Certified Nurse-midwife and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. She is an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant.

Read more about Kristine here.

More about Midwifery

What is a midwife?

The word ‘midwife’ means “with woman”. A midwife provides care that reflects her deep understanding of a woman’s needs and that of her newborn throughout the intricate process of pregnancy, labor, and birth. She also provides care and support through the days and weeks following birth with mothering and breastfeeding support. Our midwives are equipped to help guide and support women through many stages of life including pregnancy.

Midwives Model of Care: Woman-Centered

The Midwives Model of Care is based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes. The Midwives Model of Care includes:

  • Monitoring the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing cycle
  • Providing the mother with individualized education, counseling, and prenatal care, continuous hands-on assistance during labor and delivery, and postpartum support
  • Minimizing technological interventions
  • Identifying and referring women who require obstetrical attention

The application of this woman-centered model of care has been proven to reduce the incidence of birth injury, trauma, and cesarean section.

A Healthy and Safe Delivery

Having the birth experience that you desire is of high importance to us. Having a healthy and safe delivery for you and your baby is of foremost importance. Our midwives' years of experience provides the ability also to identify abnormal conditions in a mother or baby which would indicate need of further care and consultation with our obstetrician (MD) when necessary.

Weekend Warrior Childbirth Prep Classes

Our own team of experienced midwives and labor and delivery nurses teach our birthing prep class. This is the perfect place to find out exactly what you can expect. Call us for details on the next session.