Your care. Your way.

Having a baby is one of the most joyous and exciting times of your life. We believe that every woman deserves an extraordinary, distinctive pregnancy experience. And that is why we created our Uniquely Catered Pregnancy Program – just for you. We are here to listen, cater to your individual needs and wishes, and make this a most satisfying prenatal experience.

What our approach really means: In the words of a patient

We are grateful for each one of our patients and for the privilege to partner with you for your health concerns. We want to be here for you so you'll always know you have someone you can count on.

This review from a patient really touched us. We try very hard to make sure we can meet our patients' needs. Everyone at Minnesota Women's Care is committed to making sure you receive the best care possible.

"The day before my 20 week anatomy scan we got the phone call that my grandpa took a turn for the worse and we needed to get to Iowa to say goodbye. All I could think about was that my grandpa wasn't going to meet his first great grandchild. I called to see if by some chance I could get an appointment as soon as possible to find out the gender to be able to tell my grandpa before he passed away. When I called I talked to Denise at CHCW she was so kind and helpful when I explained the situation to her between tears. She was able to find me an appointment at the Minnesota Women's Care- Bielenberg location with the ultrasound tech, Amber.

When my husband and I got to my appointment and told Amber the situation, she was extremely kind and understanding. We were able to find out the gender of baby and it seemed as if Amber made it her mission to get great images of our baby, knowing that was the only way my grandpa would see this little girl before passing away. Of course baby girl had her hands up covering her face and wasn't cooperating. Amber used all of her tricks trying to get baby girl to reposition which resulted in trying to get good images three times. Through all of this I never felt rushed or that we were an inconvenience what so ever. We left that appointment with several great images and short videos of our baby girl, along with a stuffed animal with a recording of her heart beat inside. We ended up getting to Iowa at 10:30pm that night and my grandpa passed away at 10:45pm.

Amber and Denise gave my husband and I a huge gift. I was able to share with my grandpa, that his first great grandchild was a girl along with her heartbeat. The kind and compassionate care you provided to us during such a difficult time is appreciated beyond words I simply cannot thank you enough."

  • Keepsakes and special gifts

    Keepsakes and special gifts

  • Midwife or physician - your choice.

    Midwife or physician - your choice.

  • Mothering and breastfeeding support

    Mothering and breastfeeding support

  • Inviting office with complete services

    Inviting office with complete services

  • Ultrasounds delivered by text or email.

    Ultrasounds delivered by text or email.

  • Current

Our Approach to Pregnancy Care

  • Select from physician or midwife-attended birth
  • Relaxed, patient-focused visits
  • Individualized care – because we recognize that every woman is unique
  • Timely call-backs from our friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Detailed and individualized prenatal record-keeping
  • Excellent collaboration and co-management between your providers and nurses
  • Convenient, on-site ultrasound and laboratory services

The schedule:

  • Initial OB visit when you want it. (Most women choose to come for their first visit when 6-8 weeks pregnant.)
  • Early pregnancy dating ultrasound
  • Fetal survey ultrasound at 20 weeks, at our clinic
  • Monthly visits from 8 - 28 weeks
  • Every-other-week visits from 28 - 36 weeks
  • Delivery at the highly reputable St. John’s Hospital

Please call and talk with us about your specific needs.
We accept pregnancy transfers at any gestational age.

Get Pampered!

Here’s what we provide:

  • Surprise gifts at designated visits
  • A 10-minute mini-massage in our “for expectant moms only” chair at each appointment
  • Invitations to courtesy informational sessions throughout your pregnancy. (Yes, we provide refreshments while you learn!)
  • Ultrasound video and photo keepsake option during your ultrasound so you can share your baby's first pictures and full-motion video online with family and friends. Perfect for posting in emails and on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Minnesota Women's Care now offers 3D/4D Ultrasounds with amazing detail and clarity. This ultrasound was performed during the 28th week of pregnancy:

What our moms say:

Minnesota Womans Care Woodbury is amazing! The office is super clean and everyone is so friendly. I had the pleasure to meet all the midwifes during my pregnancy and loved having Heather DeJarnett be the main midwife I went to. She always made me feel like no question was dumb during my pregnancy and always managed to find the perfect words to make me feel comfortable with the different changes that were going on during my pregnancy. She even managed to make it into the hospital to see how I was feeling after my labor and that shows her true passion and love for her job! Hands down Heather is an amazing midwife and I’ll be recommending many to be moms to go to her.
M.W. - Patient