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Discover Rejuvenation! When it comes to tackling the issues that keep you from looking and feeling your best, we can help. Our experienced, highly-trained aestheticians treat a range of conditions like acne, age spots, crow's feet, discolored skin, dry skin, excessive sweating, spider veins, stretch marks, wrinkles and so much more.

We use the newest, most effective treatments available. We select those that provide the best results with the least amount of discomfort and the fastest recovery.

Explore our site and the wide range of treatment options available. We think you'll love it.

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Your Health and Safety Comes First

Why choose Minnesota Women's Care for aesthetic services, body contouring and diets? It's simple: your health and your safety comes first.

We're dedicated to providing the best healthcare for women. Many women look to other facilities to provide their "beauty" care – processes like body contouring and skin rejuvenation – that are really medical treatments. We believe in providing these treatments so the most medically sound option is available to our patients.

When women want to improve how they look, we are committed to providing the safest environment to discuss their concerns. If appropriate, we are also committed to providing access to the safest, most effective procedures available - those with the least amount of downtime. As with everything we do, rigorous medical study, research and training comes first.