When Surgery is Recommended

If non-surgical options have not solved your stress urinary incontinence, our Urogynecology Team may suggest a more permanent surgical solution. One option they may recommend is a sling procedure.

What is a sling?

A sling corrects bladder leakage, or stress incontinence, by providing support to the bladder neck and urethra. After a sling procedure, most women can regain better control of their bladder. The operation is a minimally invasive outpatient surgery.

There are different types of sling procedures. Because of its minimally invasive insertion procedure and faster recovery, our urogynecologists will often recommend Altis®.

What makes the Altis sling different?

Altis offers a unique placement system that's accomplished with just one small incision. This means a good chance at a faster recovery with less pain. Here's how it works:


What our patients say about Dr. Ashford and Dr. Myer ...

Dr. Ashford is an excellent surgeon. He was able to help me when others doctors could not.
– N.P. - Patient