Andrea Brockberg, Certified Nurse Practitioner | Minnesota Women's Care

We're in the midst of challenging times.

We're all navigating the new guidelines COVID-19 has demanded of us. For many of our patients, not being able to rely on the expert care of our care makes life even more challenging. For us, not being able to provide direct care to our patients has been heartbreaking. Providing that one-to-one care is what we're all about. So, we went to work finding an answer.

TeleVisits - Online Video Visits with your ProviderWe have a great solution! TeleVisits!

Beginning March 23, we are offering virtual care by video – the second best solution to seeing us in person. Our providers are available to you for online video visits. We're doing our best to deliver the best possible care while we keep everyone safe.

What to expect when you're expecting.

TeleVisits are very similar to FaceTime on your phone. In this case, we're using our software to keep your visit private and to meet HIPAA requirements.

Dr. Rice explains how TeleVisits work for expectant moms:

Need supplies?

Dr. Rice mentioned several items that may be helpful to you. These are not necessary to begin, but may provide additional diagnostic information if needed.

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