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  1. Find a healthcare provider.

    Finding someone that you can trust and comfortably communicate with is key. Early and regular prenatal care is vital rather this is your first pregnancy or fifth. Structured prenatal care assesses you and your baby for specific concerns at each visit. Early detection of any problem with help to provide the best possible outcomes.

  2. Eat a healthy diet.

    This includes a balance of fruits, vegetables, grains, calcium rich foods and meats. It is definitely possible to have a diet without meat in pregnancy. However, if you are a vegetarian let your healthcare provider know as you may need supplementation for iron, B12 and Vitamin D.

  3. Exercise and be physically active for 30 minutes a day.

    Of course, if you have been told otherwise as a result of health concerns, follow your provider's directions.

  4. If you smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs, STOP.

    These can have long term adverse effects on your baby. Talk with you healthcare provider for assistance with this.

  5. Clear and go over all your medications, herbal supplements, and over the counter medications with your health care provider.

    Some may not be safe during pregnancy.

  6. If you have a cat, do not empty that cat litter.

    This is someone else’s job for the next 40 weeks! The litter may contain a parasite called toxoplasmosis that can be harmful to a developing fetus.

  7. Do not eat uncooked or undercooked meat. Do not eat unpasteurized dairy products.

  8. Ask your healthcare provider about the “chemicals” in your life.

    Consider things both at work and at home like cleaning solvents, hair dyes, paint, etc.

  9. Your morning coffee is ok but try to limit your caffeine intake.

  10. Get informed.

    Ask lots of questions from other moms and friends. Read books, watch videos. Take it all in. Relax and enjoy.

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  • Dr. Amy Kelly has been our OB-GYN for the past 8 years and my husband and I cannot say enough good things about her. She is a highly skilled and competent practitioner and surgeon. We have recommended her countless times to friends and family, whether it be for OB services or to have surgery, and never once has she disappointed. Whether it is a highly complex surgical procedure or the attentive care needed during pregnancy, Dr. Kelly exceeds expectations in all that she does.
    – S.D. - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford is an excellent surgeon. He was able to help me when others doctors could not.
    – N.P. - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford is an excellent surgeon. He was able to help me when others doctors could not.
    – N.P. - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford was very thorough and listened to my concerns. He explained all my options and made me feel comfortable. He asked if I had any questions and took the time to answer them.
    – A.D. - Patient
  • I received excellent care from Dr. Ashford and nurses to provide treatment for ongoing excessive bleeding. I underwent an endometrial ablation procedure, which was quick and relatively easy. Since the procedure, I've had no problems, no pain, and no bleeding. Dr. Ashford's team was professional and caring and helped me to feel comfortable.
    – T.G. - Minnesota
  • Dr. Ashford and his entire staff are outstanding! I just had surgery and couldn't be more impressed about the care and compassion I received from Dr. Ashford. He really took time to listen to my concerns, answered all my questions and was great at informing me about my options. So glad I made the phone call to get a 2nd opinion from him. I'm thrilled to have a Dr. that wants me to feel my best!
    – Shawn - Minnesota
  • Very patient friendly and explained everything in a way you can understand. Had been to 4 other surgeon's before I chose Dr. Ashford to do my surgery and have had perfect results!! Highly recommend!!
    – C.G. - Patient
  • Dr Ashford is the best surgeon in the state of Minnesota dealing with Womens pelvic issues. He uses state of the art methods and gives you very individual care. He really listens to you. His staff from the moment you walk into his clinic treat you with the best service possible and always make you comfortable. I love going to this clinic!
    – M.R. - Patient
  • I was very impressed with my results of the surgery. I have had no further issues and this had been a ongoing problem for years. Dr. Ashford is s very caring and concerned doctor, I feel that he always takes my concerns serious and he is very knowledgeable. I have recommended him and the clinic to several people.
    – M.S. - Minnesota
  • A huge thank you to Dr. Ashford for the last surgery to remove scar tissue that was messing things up and causing me pain everyday. I am now back to myself - feeling great & active - and no pain!!
    – E.A. - Minnesota
  • I could not have asked for a better surgeon or care team.
    – Bianca - Minnesota
  • Everyone has been so knowledgeable and skilled, especially with my tipped uterus :) Any time I've had questions, they've always explained things well to me, and feel like I can ask them a question any time. I had a surgery with Dr. Ashford and everything went great, thanks to his skill. Highly recommend this clinic!
    – M.W. - Minnesota
  • Dr. Ashford was really great with communication. He took his time with explaining everything to me. I'm so glad I picked him to do my procedure.... I definitely recommend anyone to see him...
    – S. - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford and staff are absolutely top-notch. He treated several conditions I had with excellent results and corrected some mistakes other physicians had made. I didn't have to to go Mayo although I had thought about it. I found exactly what I needed at MN Women's Care. No matter what your condition, don't hesitate. Make the call for an appointment. You won't be disappointed.

    Being an older woman like me doesn't mean we have to go through life ashamed, hopeless, or even ignorant about our own bodies. Dr. Ashford and staff treat women who have lots of different issues. They restore hope, dignity and make life full of possibilities again for things you may have thought were hopeless. I am so happy I go there for treatment.
    – J.C. - Patient
  • I hope you are still around for my daughters when they are older as I still tell my friends and family about you! Thank you for everything. I wish there was a way I can tell the world what you did for me. God Bless you.
    – A.G. - Minnesota
  • I came to MN Womens Care in desperate need of help. Dr Crabb was the first doctor to really listen to me, to hear my complex symptoms and work on solutions. He is an excellent surgeon who gave me back my body from the adhesions and endometriosis scars that had developed over many years. I credit Dr Crabb and his staff for giving me the best experience I have had with the medical profession in years. Thank you.
    – D.C. - Patient
  • Doctor Ashford and his staff gave me my life back and I would recommend them to anyone dealing with OBGYN needs. He worked with me for many months and really listened to and understood me, he also personally preformed surgery on me in April and found the right medication for my endometriosis. A million thank you's to EVERYONE at the clinic, from the people answering the phones, all the way to the nurses and Doctors Ashford, may God bless you all.
    – M.A. - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford has been fantastic throughout this process from consults to surgeries and final follow ups. I'm so very grateful.
    – K.K. - Patient
  • They are awesome at his clinic .. and he did a very good job on my hysterectomy. And after care. He fixed my life...thanks.
    – J.A. - Minnesota
  • Dr Ashford is one of the best drs/surgeons.He really cares about his patients and is the only dr who would help me!!He goes above and beyond for his patients. i am so happy that i found him!!!I had surgery with him for some female issues and recovered quickly he did a great job!We are working on some other issues.He is a life saver!I absolutely love this Dr from the bottom of my heart!
    – D.H. - Patient
  • Dr Kelly is truly remarkable! She took such incredible care of me before during and after surgery every step of the way. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found such a top doctor and skilled surgeon! I highly recommend Dr Kelly!
    – D.S. - Patient
  • Dr. Kelly is the most personable and knowledgeable healthcare provider I have come across in a long time. My surgery - pre and post too- went so well and I really felt cared for.
    – C.B. - Patient
  • Dr. Ashford is an excellent physician with impeccable surgical skills. I was so lucky to find him. 
    – Patient - St. Paul
  • I recently had surgery performed by Dr Ashford to correct some prolapse issues. I was extremely impressed with his level of competence and caring throughout the process. I totally trusted him,the surgery was a total success at this point with followup appointments scheduled to make sure I have healed correctly.

    He is an exceptional surgeon who cares personally about each of his patients. I definitely recommend Dr Ashford to any women with pelvic issues.
    – Marilyn - Patient

Sara Brown, CNM

Robin Cox, CNM

Elizabeth Radford, CNM

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Our OB Team is now bigger and better than ever.
Read more about our special approach to maternity care.

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New and Newsworthy
Our OB Team is now bigger and better than ever.
Read more about our special approach to maternity care.

Our Mission is You

Minnesota Women's Care has been created for you, the patient. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment – one in which we can provide the absolute best care. Wherever you are in the journey of life, we're here to partner with you by listening and responding to your individual concerns.

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Dr. Donna Randall has joined our team!

Dr. Randall is very well known through her previous work. When we asked staff to describe her in a couple words, the responses were words like: adored, hardworking, energetic, loved, committed, caring, and skilled. You get the picture. She's terrific.

We' are now booking appointments for Dr. Randall. You may have a friend who is wondering where her favorite doctor has gone. Let her know. She's right here!

Dr. Heather Miller

Dr. Miller joined Minnesota Women's Care in late fall of 2017. She's originally from California and comes to us with more than 12 years experience as an OBGYN. Dr. Miller has a commitment to her patients and strives to provide personalized, thoughtful care to each woman.

She has demonstrated a commitment to community service through her involvement in Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles and as Volunteer Faculty for the Lincoln Family Medicine Program. Dr. Miller is proficient in Spanish.


University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine, 2003

Stanford University, Department of Psychology
Bachelor of Arts Psychology (Minor: Biological Sciences), 1998


American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Fellow American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Stanford National Black Alumni Association

Lancaster County Medical Society

Dr. Maureen McDonald


As a child, Maureen spent a lot of time in hospitals as her sister underwent treatment for Spina Bifida. It was at this early age that she knew she wanted to work in the medical field so she could help people and make a difference. During college, while volunteering for the Red Cross in Honduras, Maureen witnessed her first birth in a remote village in the mountains. She was truly moved by this experience and the seeds were planted for a career in OBGYN.


Dr. McDonald originally moved to Minnesota to attend St. Olaf College in Northfield where she earned her undergraduate degrees in Biology and Spanish. For graduate school, she attended Emory University in Atlanta where she earned her Master's in Public Health. She then attended the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and completed her residency at the University of Vermont/Fletcher Allen Healthcare specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology.


Dr. McDonald appreciates the variety of OBGYN. She is interested in gynecologic surgery — and the full scope of services she can provide to her patients — from reproductive health to well woman care. She says, “I enjoy working with women across their lifespan and building relationships that are meaningful. And, I appreciate the clinic setting where I can help women of different ages, backgrounds and cultures.”

When she’s not taking care of patients, Dr. McDonald likes to travel, try new restaurants, and spend time with friends and family. Photography is a favorite hobby and reading “for fun” is always a pleasure.

About Dr. McDonald

Dr. McDonald's approach to patient care is exactly what we're all about. Here's a brief intro:

Patient Instructions for Medical Record Requests We have partnered with HealthMark Group to ensure the accurate and timely completion of medical record requests. HealthMark Group fulfills all patient requests for personal copies at no charge to the patient. By default, your record will be sent to you via email. A hard copy can be sent if requested. To Request a Copy of your Medical Records: Register for an account at: https://requestmanager.healthmark-group.com/register

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