Wondering what it's like to be a patient at Minnesota Women's Care?

Here's what our patients say. They know us best.

Dr. Ashford is the best doctor. His staff are amazing as well. It is an honor to have you and your team at Minnesota Women's Care. To all those looking for a good doctor, this is the right choice.
– G.P. - Minnesota
Dr. Ashford and his entire staff are outstanding! I just had surgery and couldn't be more impressed about the care and compassion I received from Dr. Ashford. He really took time to listen to my concerns, answered all my questions and was great at informing me about my options. So glad I made the phone call to get a 2nd opinion from him. I'm thrilled to have a Dr. that wants me to feel my best!
– Shawn - Minnesota
I love coming here. As soon as I walk in there is always a warm welcome and I am greeted by first name. The environment is very friendly and family oriented. The best treatment I have received in years.
– J.S. - Minnesota
The entire staff at MN Women's Care is fantastic. My pregnancy required frequent visits and monitoring and I always felt they provided me with top notch care with a friendly, fun loving smile. I feel truly blessed that I found this practice and I would highly recommend the whole staff!
– K.P. - Minnesota
I am so happy with the treatment I received at MNWomen's Care. I finally found a Dr. that listened to me. I didn't feel like my diagnosis and treatment was cookie cutter medicine and health care. I feel comfortable bring my teenage daughter here for her future needs.
– R.O. - Minnesota
I had a great experience at this clinic. Couldn't ask for more, I had really great supportive staff and nurses. I would come back next time for my prenatal. Thank you everyone! :)
– Z.V. - Minnesota
I enjoy coming to Minnesota Woman's Care because I feel like I am getting the best treatment possible and the staff makes me very comfortable. Dr. Ashford figured out what was wrong with me and why I was in so much pain when no one else could. He was with me through my whole pregnancy and even after. I feel like I am very well taken care of and I would highly recommend Dr. Ashford to any woman.
– M.C. - Minnesota
I love Dr. Ashford and his staff. They are truly amazing. I am so grateful for him - he restored my health all around as a woman. I don't have the words to describe how pleased with his services. Thank you Dr. Ashford you're the best!
– N.M. - Minnesota
After finding out from my prior doctor that was in need of a hysterectomy due to a large fibroid, I searched for second opinions. This led me to Dr. Ashford. There was no question in my mind after our first visit that he was the right choice. The staff and Dr. Ashford have been discreet, kind and thorough. I will highly recommend Dr. Ashford and his office to any woman who has concerns or is looking for a doctor. Thank you!
– J.S. - Minnesota
Dr. Ashford makes sure to give multiple perspectives on any issue and is pro individual. He and the staff are of the highest quality and would strongly recommend the facility to any expecting couple.
– A.L. - Minnesota
Staff is just wonderful! And Dr. Ashford is a great listener and takes time with clients instead of rushing in and out of the room. I love this place! I have never been more comfortable at a gynecologist before.
– R.F. - Minnesota
I was very impressed with my results of the surgery. I have had no further issues and this had been a ongoing problem for years. Dr. Ashford is s very caring and concerned doctor, I feel that he always takes my concerns serious and he is very knowledgeable. I have recommended him and the clinic to several people.
– M.S. - Minnesota
They are awesome at his clinic .. and he did a very good job on my hysterectomy. And after care. He fixed my life...thanks.
– J.A. - Minnesota
Dr. Ashford provided a consult for my husband and me regarding our fertility concerns. He actually helped eliminate several fears, provided balanced medical information, and gave us practical advice on moving forward with our family plans.
– L.B. - Minnesota
I received excellent care from Dr. Ashford and nurses to provide treatment for ongoing excessive bleeding. I underwent an endometrial ablation procedure, which was quick and relatively easy. Since the procedure, I've had no problems, no pain, and no bleeding. Dr. Ashford's team was professional and caring and helped me to feel comfortable.
– T.G. - Minnesota