Wondering what it's like to be a patient at Minnesota Women's Care?

Here's what our patients say. They know us best.

It's been a wonderful experience with Heather! This is my 2nd pregnancy with in 2 years and I could't have chosen a better midwife.
– J.K. - Patient
Dr. Kelly is our "all in the family" physician and my daughters and I have been her patients for many years. Both in my own care and during the deliveries of my grandchildren, she has been encouraging, supportive, and exceptionally skilled. I continue to have the highest level of confidence in her care.
– C.H. - Patient
I absolutely adore Dr. Kelly. In fact, I followed her from her old practice because I have so much trust in her. And she is just a joy to be around!
– E.M. - Patient
I had an awesome experience with Rachel Snell. I was in for my annual visit. I had many concerns concerning previous abnormal paps, birth control options and thyroid symptoms. Rachel was prompt, open to discuss options and informed me about benefits and risks of those options. She made me feel comfortable and has excellent bedside manner.
– Anon - Patient
Ilana is the Best! I am in such good hands in Ilana's care. She listens, takes my concerns seriously, is willing to adapt to my needs, and works to find the very best treatment tailored to me. More than that, she is kind, patient, and fun.
– Anon - Patient
Erin does an amazing job my feet have been swollen and the baby has been on my pelvis bone and every time I come in and she adjusts me she gets him to move. Also, she very knowledgeable I was having a hard time sleeping and she was able to help with that. I would tell anyone who is pregnant to go see Erin she does amazing job and is just so caring and friendly. I wish more Chiropractors out there would be more like her!
– A.W. - Patient
Andrea Brockberg makes me feel as comfortable as a woman can be during an OB visit. She keeps the invasive procedures as quick as possible. She is also very friendly and makes me forget that I'm at the doctor's office. It's weird to think about, but it makes me happy to come here. I've been seeing her for over 10 years, from pregnancy to annual exams, and I don't mind going to the OB at all because she's so happy, nice, and funny. Remembers my kids' names and my husband. Very personal and professional.
– A.R. - Patient
Sotto Pelle is a miracle. I had been suffering severe menopausal symptoms for years. Overnight, my hot flashes were gone, I was sleeping again, enjoying sex again, just feeling great all around, after feeling absolutely miserable for years. Even my joints have quit hurting. I am constantly recommending this to women I catch frantically fanning themselves. It truly made my quality of life so much better, I want to share this miracle treatment.
– M.B. - Patient
I have had a great experience with Minnesota women's care at all four locations. When I was going through an ectopic pregnancy they were the most attentive out of all clinics I reached out to. They helped me through every stage including surgery. Naturally when I got pregnant again I went back and was able to meet many of the doctors and midwives. Now I am about to deliver my first child and am so excited!
– Anon - Patient - RateMDs.com
Not sure how many people can say that they followed Dr Ashford from Allina. Andrea has been my OB provider since 2002. I have seen many of the MNWC providers in my time and Dr Ashford delivered both my children. I absolutely love this family and the care they give. Dr Ashford has a wonderful mission! Thank you all.
– Anon - Patient - RateMDs.com
My experience with Dr Ashford has been very positive in getting me back to good health after my surgery. I have had two surgeries with him and good results. Dr Ashford and nurses are a great team in providing healthy experience. Rachael, Andrea have done the uroystem treatment with me great success along with others that have assisted. I love Women's Care and have referred others to the clinic. Very helpful and supportive. Thanks.
– S.A. - Patient
I came to MN Womens Care in desperate need of help. Dr Crabb was the first doctor to really listen to me, to hear my complex symptoms and work on solutions. He is an excellent surgeon who gave me back my body from the adhesions and endometriosis scars that had developed over many years. I credit Dr Crabb and his staff for giving me the best experience I have had with the medical profession in years. Thank you.
– D.C. - Patient
Today I saw Dr. Crabb and the visit was phenomenal. He was attentive and responsive to my every question or statement of need. He was competent, sharp, and along with a rapid diagnosis of my problem helped me address and resolve other issues that were outside of the purpose of my original need. Thank you, Dr. Crabb.
– M.B. - Patient
Dr Amy Kelly is by far my heaven sent angel finally a dr who ACTUALLY listened to me! Finally a dr who cares! I can't thank her enough for being the BEST dr I've met in my life! she treats you like a person not just a patient there's NO DOUBT about it I'd recommend her to anyone!
– C.C. - Patient
Minnesota Womans Care Woodbury is amazing! The office is super clean and everyone is so friendly. I had the pleasure to meet all the midwifes during my pregnancy and loved having Heather DeJarnett be the main midwife I went to. She always made me feel like no question was dumb during my pregnancy and always managed to find the perfect words to make me feel comfortable with the different changes that were going on during my pregnancy. She even managed to make it into the hospital to see how I was feeling after my labor and that shows her true passion and love for her job! Hands down Heather is an amazing midwife and I’ll be recommending many to be moms to go to her.
– M.W. - Patient