Wondering what it's like to be a patient at Minnesota Women's Care?

Here's what our patients say. They know us best.

I've been going to Women's Care for a long time now, and all my experiences have been great. Andrea and Dr. Ashford have been very skilled and answered all my questions. I always feel well taken care of when I visit there, and any time I have questions I'm able to have them answered fully. Definitely recommend this clinic! I drive 20+ miles for this clinic and it's worth it.
– M.W. - Minnesota
Dr. Ashford is very polite, respectful, caring and knowledgeable.
– P.M. - Minnesota
Dr. Ashford takes the time to ask questions, provide feedback, and value the patient's time.
– S.S. - Minnesota
From February 2013 to November 2013, I worked with Dr. Ashford's staff with use of the In-Tone device to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. It was a very good experience, and I still use the device. This is a great alternative to try for bladder leakage.
– P.R. - Minnesota
Minnesota Women's Care offers very extensive care for every woman and their needs. The facility is always clean. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I myself go weekly for Urostym treatment for my Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. This treatment has been very beneficial for me. Dr. Ashford is so knowledgeable about every aspect of a women's body. I would HIGHLY recommend him to every woman.
– E.B. - Minnesota
I received Femilift treatments at your clinic. I have never had such a wonderful experience at any medical facility in my life. I was listened to, heard, respected, and treated with such absolutely professionalism and caring. I can't say enough positive things! I will be (and have been) referring you to anyone I can.
– S.S. - Minnesota
This is an amazing clinic! I find it such a cute place to go to for my midwife/doctor appointments. All the staff are very welcoming, respectful, understanding and patient (: . I would recommend any women at this clinic for their needs ! (:
– T.T. - Minnesota
I just wanted to let you know our baby twins are doing awesome! I will never forget you. You saved my life and my twins lives, especially Olivia. You were such a blessing in our lives and I want you to know I really don't think we would be here without you. I hope you are well!
– Sarah - St. Paul
I could not have asked for a better surgeon or care team.
– Bianca - Minnesota
Dr. Ashford is very easy to talk to. He will listen and respond with understandable terms. I highly recommend him.
– Patient - St. Paul
Dr. Ashford is an excellent physician with impeccable surgical skills. I was so lucky to find him. 
– Patient - St. Paul
I have been seen quite a bit by both Dr Ashford (during my pregnancy with twins and with other women's health issues) and Andrea Brockberg (for all of my yearly appointments) and love both of them!
– Naomi - Minnesota
I have received the best care I have ever had!
– Angelica - Minnesota
Finally Found a Dr. that listens to me as an individual. I have unique pelvic issues and Dr. Ashford is helping me along the road to recovery. Finally someone that doesn't just practice cookie cutter medicine. Everyone there is nice an helpful. I love that the nurses answer the phone and usually don't have to wait for answers to questions. Well worth the drive. I understand having to wait to be seen because all his patients have their needs met.
– Rhonda - Minnesota
I believe your patients think of you as more than 'a doctor' ... you are their 'he's my doctor'. A big difference.
– V.R. - Minnesota